Saint Jude VBS

Saint Jude Vacation Bible School
June 2019  (Dates TBD)
9 am – 12 pm
Grades Pre-K – 3rd Grade

Last summer’s theme was Ship Wrecked; Saved by Jesus where kids learned that no matter what challenges they face, Jesus’s love and grace is with them! This week was packed with games, experiments, songs, and prayer. Join us next summer for more Vacation Bible School!!

ADULT Ministers
At least one parent from each family is required to work at some point during the week of VBS. This program is run 100% by parent and teen helpers. Adults who work all 5 days pay only $15.00 per child. We need your help to make the week a success for our children!

All Adult ministers must have up-to-date Safe Environment training. If you have not completed this training, please contact Siobhan Finnegan in the parish office, 770-394-3896, ext. 241.

A nursery will be available for children (ages 9 months through 4 years) of adult helpers for the days they are on site to work.  If you plan to utilize the nursery, please complete the information when you register online. 

TEEN Ministers
Thank you for your interest!  Our teens provide much needed support during the week. Teens may be able to count their time for service hours. Please check your school’s requirements. We will open our Teen Minister applications in spring 2019.

Please contact Julia Acosta OR Liza Nordmark

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