Sending someone shopping at Orchard Park Kroger

by Audra H Anders for The Aha! Connection

I’ve been getting my groceries via Kroger Curbside for over a year.   Until the pandemic I could order one day and pick up the next.   Nowadays you have to schedule a few days to a week in advance, so I’ve been counting on my sons to wear masks/gloves and do the grocery shopping lately…especially for items we don’t want to wait on. 

My oldest, who is not particularly patient, texted me from Kroger and said:  “Next time can the grocery list please be in the order of the aisles at the store?”.   I literally laughed out loud.

We talked about it later and he agreed to take a picture of each aisle sign so I could attempt to organize future lists for my family shoppers.   I figure this will also help me organize my shopping once I’m ready to tackle indoor shopping, that is unless Kroger reorganizes AGAIN!

Click one or both links below for the spreadsheet I created. I shop right to left in this particular Kroger so the numbers may seem backwards to you, but I like to grab my frozen/refrigerated things last.   Hope this helps someone!

Kroger aisles Excel

Kroger aisles PDF