SOHO Office and Dunwoody PC – Back in Business!


SOHO Office is OPEN!  Stop by our store anytime Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.  We have instituted some rules and we hope that you don’t mind following them.  

  1. The Front Door is Locked.  If you don’t see anyone, please knock loud enough so one of my cheerful employees can hear you and let you in.  (No Whisper Knockers!)
  2. One Customer in the Store at a Time.  We will try to triage outside if you’re only dropping off a shipment or outgoing mail.  There is a really awesome, comfortable bench in front of our store.
  3. Masks.  If you need to meet an employee at the customer service counter, please wear a mask.  I only have two employees and if you get one of them sick, the other one will quit and then I will have no employees and I will have to work full-time and then I can’t do other stuff, like…

SOHO OFFICE – Dunwoody/Sandy Springs’ Best Printing/Shipping/Business Services Store
2090 Dunwoody Club Drive, Suite 106, Atlanta, GA 30350 
In the Orchard Park Kroger Shopping Center
(770) 352-3434

DUNWOODY PC – I’m Pretty Good at Fixing Computers

(404) 702-3726


I am back to making house calls again.  Yes, I had heart surgery a year ago.  Yes, I’m probably higher risk than the general population, but, c’mon, do you REALLY THINK that any computer repair guy is truly healthy?  We’re not known for our Peachtree Road Race Times, exceptionally clean gut flora, and healthy dining choices.  However, even though I spend my days touching dirty keyboards and mice, I will be wearing a mask.  Please try to do the same.  

If you don’t want to do a house call, I can support you in other ways.  We can make an appointment at SOHO Office.  As long as I have employees working for me (see above), they will allow me to use one of our two available conference rooms to meet a computer repair client.  Also, with prior authorization, you can drop off a computer/equipment for me.  PLEASE do not drop anything off without talking with me first.

If you don’t want me to come to you or you to come to me, we can do a remote session where I can remote into your computer, fix everything, and then take your credit card information over the phone.   I have had a lot of success with this over the past several weeks.  Obviously, you need to have working internet for us to even try this.

Thanks for allowing the interruption, and have a great evening!