STEM Camp in the Woods

Do you like science and nature? Here is a camp for ages 6-12 at Windward Hollow Park.

Each day will consist of a different focus (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Activities include Astronomy, Nature and Biodiversity, Outdoor Rock Density and Hardness Testing, Geocaching (older students), Solar Heat and Cooking, Nature Tower Building, Stick Forts and Survival Skills, STEM Scavenger Hunt, Diffusion with Watercolor Sun Prints, the Water Cycle in Nature, Buoyancy with Water Balloons, Catapult with Outdoor Materials, and Baking Soda/Vinegar powered boats, Exploding Paint Rockets and Solar System SLIME!

June 13-17 Rising 1st – 3rd graders
June 20-24 Rising 4th – 6th graders

Time: 9 am to noon daily
$200 10% off early bird and sibling discount available

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Sherrill Weihe
(678) 386-7011