Info regarding students on lockdown today at several schools including DHS, PCMS, DES, Austin and Vanderlyn

From Audra:  I woke up this morning to a string of texts showing me screen prints of conversations between an innocent Dunwoody kid and someone who “swatted” him/her.  It appeared to me that the Dunwoody kid was being hoaxed.  I talked to two people (that I completely trust) before 6 AM who know the Dunwoody kid and firmly believed he/she was innocent.   I encouraged one of them to reach out to the mother of the kid to make sure she was aware in case the kid was too afraid to tell his/her parents.  Thankfully, the mom was fully aware and the police were already involved.  I will not publish the name of the kid nor the texts that I saw.   I was told that this originated from a video game conversation (Fortnite) and the “swatter” appears to reside in the country of Ireland.

From the DPD:  The Dunwoody Police Department became aware of a threat on social media from an individual threatening to shoot up his school in Dunwoody, GA. 

We immediately notified the DeKalb County School Police and started our investigation.  After our initial investigation, we found that the same I.P. address from outside the United States was used to post several similar threatening messages in various locations in the United States and Canada. 

At this time, we are confident there is no credible threat in Dunwoody.

From DHS:

Dunwoody Police intercepted a threat on social media in which someone threatened the Dunwoody area. It was not directed at any particular school. However, Dunwoody HS will continue to exercise a level one lockdown for the remainder of the week. A level one lock down is the standard daily practice and it means that all classroom doors and exterior doors will remain locked and we will limit the number of students in the hallways except for emergencies. Students will transition from class to class. Teachers will actively monitor the hallways during transition. The SRO, campus security and administrators will monitor the hallways throughout the day.

From the AJC:

Cops: Threat to ‘shoot up’ DeKalb school came from outside U.S., was not credible