Style Moment: We’re Giving Away Fall Nail Polish Colors!

Note from Audra:

These colors are so much fun I’ve decided to give away a bottle of each!!!  Just leave a comment with the color you like the most and I’ll pick a winner for every color next Friday.  Hopefully all the bottles will have been delivered to me by then!  I already have Less is Norse on my toes…it’s a great Wildcat Blue and Auburn Tiger Blue 🙂

Nail Colors For Fall

By The Anonymous Aha! Style Editor

Today is the last official day of summer, so here is a preview of what I think the fall nail polish scene has in store for us!  For the last several seasons I have felt that Essie did a better job with color that OPI.  However the OPI Iceland Collection has really done a fantastic job with this fall line.  I like so many of the colors that I am going to a do synopsis of the ones I love most from the collection. 

Less is Norse  Definitely my runaway favorite.  It is a dusty navy blue that is very transitional for right this minute.  I have tried navy in a few different brands because all the stylists are predicting this is the hot color of fall.  Less is Norse is a tad more subdued than others resulting in a look that is more refined and elegant.  I have been sporting it for a few weeks now and have gotten many compliments from women of all ages.


Rebel Without a Moss  This is worth trying.  It is a hunter green, which might appear intimidating in the bottle.  Once on the nails it is a great color that will go with all skin tones and gives an edgy look.  It is interesting because it becomes a neutral when you pair it with different clothing and lip colors.  Try it with hot pink for a transitional outfit, or red for some drama.


Krona-logical Order  While it’s primarily a deeply pigmented expresso color, and has hints of purple every so often.  It is a little warmer and softer than you might think looking at the bottle, and it works especially well with fair skin tones.


Strong Coal-ition  The perfect charcoal gray for winter.  Once applied it gives off a very creamy appearance making the gray a little softer.  All of the colors in the collection are very creamy and I think that is why the colors are  so  outstanding.



One Heckla of a Color  This dusty purple lavender is unlike any color I have seen.  It is rich enough to be very “fallish,” yet still a pastel.  It looks great on dark skin tones.


Aurora Berry-alis  The perfect fall berry…….and I have tried several.  It is very rich and creamy upon application, and it may tempt you to want to take a bite!  



You better get out there and try these, however, they are hard to find in stores.  I hope ULTA is restocking soon, because they have been out of most shades at most locations for two weeks, but I am told new shipments are arriving Thursday.


Happy Fall Y’all!   Ready, Set, and Go get your nails done!


Aha! Style Editor

62 thoughts on “Style Moment: We’re Giving Away Fall Nail Polish Colors!

  1. Have 2 favs krona-logical Order and Less is Norse. Just put less is norse on my toes today. Ready for fall y’all!

  2. Love the OPI brand and I’m very interested in trying “Krona-logical Order”. Such a great piece about nail polish. It’s refreshing to hear someone talk about it in such a exciting way. Definitely got me fired up about these colors, particularly the Krona-logical Order.

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