Style Moment: Nail Polish Colors for Spring + GIVEAWAY!

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In preparation for all the spring breaks, I thought I would post a quick nail polish update.  As I mentioned in a previous post, the game has really changed with the introduction of dipping and gel nails.  With these options mani/pedis are lasting 3 weeks plus, so choosing the correct color is important!  As a result, the major players in the industry are not cranking out the different colors like they did even a few years ago.  Gone are the days when Walgreens, CVS and ULTA had displays with the season’s new colors.  OPI has done a great job of turning some oldies but goodies into dipping/gel colors……. “I am not Really a Waitress”, Strawberry Margarita”, “You Don’t Know Jacques” and “Lincoln Park After Dark” to name a few.  

Hailey Bieber and her “glazed donut” nail polish

OPI has jumped on the dipping/gel wagon and is producing new colors that go straight to salons in the dipping/gel format.  The OPI Spring 2023 “Me, Myself and I” collection is bringing 80’s vibes, and I am here for it!  Many of the colors even have a little sparkle!  These colors are available in good old fashioned nail polish, so that makes me happy.  My favorites are “Spring Break the Internet” and “Switch to Portrait Mode”.  “Switch to Portrait Mode” somewhat resembles the trend that Hailey Bieber wears called “Glazed Donut” which is a layering effect of different colors.  Celebrity manicurists create these special looks for their clients and then we all try to recreate the formula.  I am working on identifying these celeb looks and sharing them with you, but my college daughter has to call me back first…………. until then, Ready, Set, Go Get Your Nails Done!

Leave a comment below or on our Facebook post with the color mentioned in this article you would like to win.   We’ll pick the two most popular colors and randomly select one winner for each of the two colors next Friday!

23 thoughts on “Style Moment: Nail Polish Colors for Spring + GIVEAWAY!

  1. Hooray for return of my 80s HS and college vibes! Thank you for the heads up — I am ordering one of the colors not featured in this giveaway, and crossing my fingers that I will win the “Switch to Portrait Mode” color featured here. (If I don’t, I’ll order it too!) Thank you Aha!

  2. Love Spring Break the Internet and Switch to Portrait Mode. Love Strawberry Margarita, but like the traditional polishes.

  3. Ooo, I need Switch to Portrait Mode in my life! It would make the nicest manicure to wear on Spring Break! I could do French tips on top of it, it would be gorgeous’

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