Style Moment: We’re Giving Away the New Spring Nail Polish Colors!

Note from Audra:

I can’t wait to try these colors…and the “game changing” new products that keep my nails chip free for more than a week!  I’ve bought one of each to give away too! Just leave a comment with the color you like the most and I’ll pick a winner for every color next Friday.  Hopefully all the bottles will have been delivered to me by then!

New Colors from our Aha! Style Moment Editor

Happy Spring!   It has been a long winter, but let’s get ready for spring.  I have been hard at work testing nail polish colors for this next season!  I want to get right to it, BUT I have a Public Service Announcement that must be shared.  OPI Infinite Shine (silver top, not black top) and Essie Gel Couture (twisted bottle) are the best products on the market right now.  Do not waste your time buying anything else for the time being.  Whether you do your own nails or have them done at the salon, it is totally worth it to only use these polishes and the corresponding top and bottom coat polishes that are recommended with each system.  Your nails will stay shiny and chip free for 7-10 days.  They are only 2 more dollars at most stores and SO worth it.  The Nails of Dunwoody carries many colors and the top and bottom coats of these systems.  They can be removed with normal remover and do not damage the nails.  I am telling you people….this is a game changer.

OPI Infinite Shine “A Red-vival City: This is a the hot color for spring and summer. It is a red “poppy” color, that is so fresh looking!  A friend of mine killed the annual “Realtor Prom” this spring wearing a royal blue jump suit, “A Red-vival City” and we paired it with BeautyCounter Red Color Intense Lipstick.   They match perfectly, and the look was so current.  (Note: All the Beauty Counter reps are fabulous.  I order through Susan Berrong and Audra orders from Myra Bakke.  Either can hook you up with the hot lip color!  Just click their names to send them an email!)

OPI Infinite Shine “Closer Than You Might Belem”: This is your go-to fun color for the beach and pool.  It is a aqua blue/green that says “it is summer, let’s jump in the pool,” but is subdued enough to wear on office days when you have to get in some work.


Essie Gel Couture “The It Factor”: This is the perfect bright fuchsia pink that is fun, yet sophisticated.  I love that it is so classy and happy both at the same time.  If you only wore this color from now to Labor Day you would be on target for anything that came your way.

Essie Gel Couture “Make the Cut”:  My friend, who only wears neutral colors, found this one for me.  She is prone to only wear the sheerest colors, but has been stepping out of her comfort zone a bit lately.  This pale neutral with slightly shimmery grey undertones makes for an understated, yet inviting nail.  I had to give it a try even though I lean towards the bolder colors, and was so happy with it!  She found this color early this year, and since then I have tried so many different colors, but each time I see her wearing it I think, “what is that color, I have to have it,” and I realize it is good old “Make the Cut”.


OPI Infinite Shine “Lisbon Wants Moor OPI”:  This is a very on-point creamy white with slight pink undertones.  It is a bit edgy without that “liquid paper” look (you millennials may not know what that is, and that’s OK).  I think “subdued beachy” is the best way to describe this versatile color.  Someone invite me to a Summer White Party please!


OPI Infinite Shine “Staying Neutral”:  This color gets an honorable mention, even though it is really not part of my spring favs.  I actually bought it by mistake; it was in the wrong slot at the store.  I wore it for a week, and it really grew on me.  It is subtle, and it’s just a really clean, neat look that you can dress up or down for any occasion.  



Okay, there ya go.  If you would like me to test any colors, I am always willing.  Just leave a comment here….

Ready, Set, Go get Your Nails Done! 




Aha! Style Editor

61 thoughts on “Style Moment: We’re Giving Away the New Spring Nail Polish Colors!

  1. I love Lisbon Wants Moor purely because of the Liquid Paper description – it made me laugh out loud!!! Now I feel like I can smell it! 🙂

  2. I am an Aha subscriber. Would love to be the winner of “Lisbon Wants Moor” — a gift for my daughter.

  3. Lisbon Wants More – I do not like to get gel on my nails – it destroys them -so looking for a polish that will last for 7-10 days without chipping and still looking shiny

  4. I am an Aha subscriber who loves trying the style editor’s nail polish recommendations. Lisbon Wants Moor is my favorite this season. Hope I win!

  5. Love Closer than you might belem. It is very springy and so pretty. My daughter and I could share it as well.

  6. Closer than you might Belem is gorgeous! I’ve been trying to come up with more original colors lately and this is perfect – nontraditional and bright. Please pick me!

  7. Staying Neutral looks like a great year round color I’d like to try. The It Factor is another great choice!

  8. Would love the Red-Vival by OPI. Have some others in this Ultimate line and they do wear very well

  9. Lisbon Wants More is so pretty! Thanks for the recommendations and the Beautycounter shout out!!

  10. Oh my gosh – Closer than you might Belem has my name all over it. I love colors like this!

  11. “…Belem”, “Lisbon…” and “Make the Cut” are my favorites. I get a pedicure about once a year in June and would love to use one of these colors! 🙂 Thank you!

  12. I’m a happy AHA subscriber who does her own nails and would LOVE to have a set of new colors!!

  13. “A Red-vival City” is “Closer Than You Might Belem” as I try to “Make the Cut” while being the “The It Factor,” yet “Staying Neutral” while visiting “Lisbon Wants Moor.” All that to say, I’d rock any of these on my claws.

  14. I would love to try “Lisbon Wants Moor” OR “Red-Vival” — two opposite ends of the spectrum!!

  15. The IT Factor by Essie looks like my kind of color. Never sure about Gel though. Seems to make my nails a lot weaker

  16. I am loving Closer than you might Belem! That color makes me want to jump in the ocean and have some fun! Love this post! Hoping I get to try them all!

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