Audra’s Fitness Blog: Sharing Beth with You!

So it’s been a few months since I wrote my last fitness blog entry.  I continued to enjoy working out this summer with my oldest who was home from college.  Much has happened since I last wrote though.   UFC Gym Perimeter changed ownership and became Fitbox.  Beth’s and my amazing trainer, Denise, moved on […]

Audra’s Fitness Blog: Deskercise

I sit at my desk a lot.  My neck hates me for it.  My hubby is constantly reminding me to get up and move around to protect my back and neck.  He’s right.  I have no trouble focusing on work so could literally sit in the same position at my desk for hours on end…except […]

Audra’s Fitness Blog: What are these?

These gloves (my gloves) were drying out on my kitchen table.   Boxing gloves are a foreign object in our home.  Therefore, I heard these same two questions three times. (Once from each of the males living in my house as they entered the kitchen separately.) Q1) What are these?  A1) Boxing gloves. Q2) Whose […]

Audra’s Fitness Blog: Tabata

When Denise (my fabulous UFC Gym Trainer) says “We’re going to do Tabata today”  I’m never sure whether to laugh or cry. Tabata training is a high-intensity interval training workout, featuring exercises that last four minutes. … Tabata training was discovered by Japanese scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata and a team of researchers from the National […]

Audra’s Fitness Blog – What is an IBJJF?

One year ago I would have never been able to figure out what this acronym stands for:  “IBJJF” It only took about 5 seconds though and the answer popped into my head….   International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation   Beth and I haven’t practiced any Jiu-Jitsu but we seem to arrive before, after and sometimes during […]

Audra’s Fitness Blog: Farewell Jose

Beth and I are in our 11th month of training at UFC Gym and are still going strong.  One year ago I would have NEVER DREAMED of working out during the holidays.  I’d be too busy eating yummy food and planning my new year’s resolution to get in shape the next year.  I did this […]

Beth’s Fitness Blog

Note from Audra…I don’t want y’all to get tired of me so I’ve asked Beth to help me write a few Fitness Blog entries.  I definitely wouldn’t still be working out if it wasn’t for her.  Check out w what she has to say about what motivates her! Submitted by Beth Dubsky (Audra’s Fitness Friend)  […]