Results of our 2 question “bed making” survey!

I’ll admit it.  I do NOT make my bed every day.  However,  I’m in a better mood if my bed is made!  My kids do NOT make their beds– EVER.   I wish they did, but this is a battle I’ve chosen not to fight.  The results and commentary from our survey on this topic are provided below along with a few hot links to interesting articles on this subject.

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2 thoughts on “Results of our 2 question “bed making” survey!

  1. 1. I used to make it every day but now life is just too busy… I have learned to let the little things go.
    2. Always on the weekends or days off work.
    3. I’m always so glad I did, when I’m ready to crash!
    4. We have always used comforters beginning when we did have children at home. It can easily be pulled up over the sheets and looks good. A real no-brainer and takes minutes. A rule in our house is the last one out of bed makes it!
    5. Feel real guilty about this one! I only make it for a couple reasons: I FEEL like making it, or company’s coming!! Ha, ha!
    6. I used to make my bed everynday and the kids would make thiers every weekday , off on weekends. But at some point, going back to work and with three kids on different schedules we have completely stopped!!! I only make beds when company is coming over and it bugs me but you have to let some things go.
    7. I used to never leave the house without my bed made ever! But lately if I’m leaving the house really early who wants to take the added time. I’ve become a slacker, or maybe reality has set in.
    8. It’s an organized start to the day that helps me stay on track for the rest of the day.
    9. It’s a very rare day I don’t make my bed. Perhaps once a year and on that day I don’t make it in the morning then I make it before I get back into it that night. I hate getting into an unmade bed.

    10. I leave the house at 710am to take my kids to school and all beds are made before we leave. Yes I am a little nuts about it!
    11. It just feels better to go into the room and see the bed made up!
    12. I got in the habit when we were trying to sell our first house years ago, and never stopped. I love climbing into a ‘made’ bed.
    13. and change my sheets weekly!
    14. My husband and i have a rule – last one out of bed has to make it! He’s not good about putting the “decorator” pillllows on but at least it is always made.
    15. I feel better getting into it in the evening and I feel as if it’s just a small discipline to practice for a well lived life.
    16. Absolutely without fail – every single day!!!
    17. If you choose your bedding carefully and learn to ‘sleep neat’ all you need do is pull up the duvet and fluff the pillows. This saves time at night when you just want to fall in!
    18. when company comes
    19. Make up sheets and blanket, but only put duvet and decorative pillows out when it’s cold enough to use the duvet or if company’s coming.
    20. When I get back from work
    21. A made bed in 90 percent of the room. Even if I have a basket of laundry that is still not folded, it looks better next to a made bed than an unmade one! Makes me feel a little more productive even if I can’t get to everything!
    22. I do straighten out the covers every night before I go to bed.
    23. Before we had kids, we made the bed every day. It just didn’t feel right to leave the house in the morning unless the bed was made. But once we had kids, I realized that it just didn’t matter. Not making the bed has become our symbol for being willing to “let it go.” A lot of adults, including me, have struggled with the need to be “perfect” so I think it is important to show my kids that it’s ok to let some things slip, particularly the things that don’t matter.
    24. Sometimes it doesn’t happen until the end of the day, but it makes me feel good to see it made!
    25. One of the great military generals (or someone) said the first thing you should do in the morning is make your bed. I agree.
    26. Obsessed about it!

  2. 1. On the weekends!
    2. That doesn’t mean it gets done every morning….
    3. I make them about a third of the time and they’re not made the rest of the time.
    4. As long as their rooms are kept orderly, I’m not sweating the small stuff…the bed being made, in my opinion, is more for the person who will be untangling the sheets that night when they go to bed. If they want to make it easy on themselves, they’ll make their bed in the morning. If they don’t care, they’ll have to deal with it that evening.
    5. Sometimes
    6. I can’t ask them to do it if I’m not!
    7. They are supposed to make their own bed, but if it isn’t enforced, it doesn’t happen
    8. Again, when the house keeper comes!
    9. This is a battle I chose not to fight. Overall her bedroom is fairly neat and the bed is rarely a total disaster.
    10. I used to make their beds when they were younger (4th grade-ish), and that was the time that they were starting to learn how to make their beds (and their lunches for school!). I used to require it…until middle school. Then, it became too much of a battle. So, now, I’m just glad their bedrooms aren’t in my visual path when I go upstairs to my own bedroom!
    11. But only on weekends
    12. I’m just not that particular in the morning when everyone is trying to get out the door for school. However, I do walk past their rooms and make the beds. On weekends or days when we are having company I do ask them to make them. They all know how.
    13. The kids are 3 and 6 but they often help 🙂
    14. I am a kid
    15. We both make his bed. He’s still learning since he’s only 5.
    16. I’m such a neat freak that I like the beds to look a certain way so I make them!
    17. But I made my kids make their own beds when they were living here
    18. They mostly leave theirs unmade. They do get points for a clean room every day, though!
    19. It’s their room. If it gets messy enough or if friends come over, they make it!
    20. However, they typically don’t make them!!!
    21. I required my kids to make their bed everyday. However,my 20 year old daughter, who is a full time college student, frequently fails to make her bed. So I guess you can force them until they are “adults” then you can only suggest.
    22. I want them to make their beds on the weekends, but don’t require it during the week. Two of my kids usually make their beds anyway, one almost never makes hers!
    23. crib and toddler bed so no top sheet = nothing to “make” but I do usually fold the blanket.
    24. Only when company is coming do they have to make their beds. It’s not a battle I choose to fight.
    25. My son is too little. He just turned 3.
    26. But they don’t make them every morning…
    27. but sometimes when their rooms are just TOO messy, I make the bed to have at least one thing look decent on a quick glance into the room.
    28. This is an ongoing battle – my youngest has figured it out but my other daughter still has trouble sometimes.
    29. Never get made during the week, unless you call throwing the comforter over the top. The kids usually make them over the weekend. I have decided that I have to pick my battles and creating stress on school mornings over making beds is not a top priority to me!
    30. Although it doesn’t always happen. 😉
    31. They are still little but cant wait until they can do their own!!
    32. Daughter makes, son does not (he has bunk beds so it is hard for him)
    33. As my husband says, if you make your bed, you’ve started off your day accomplishing at least one thing! Plus, kids need to learn responsibility and this is an easy thing for them to do.
    34. She generally does it but if rushed it is forgotten.
    35. My kids are no longer at home but when they were young they were taught to make the bed. As they became teenagers, I learned to just shut their bedroom door so I wouldn’t have to see the mess. Choose your battles! Now as adults, 2 of the 3 keep their rooms neat. 🙂
    36. We have an allowance contract with them that we both have signed…we agree to pay so much a month and they agree to daily chores including making their beds. If beds are not made consistently or other things slip, we have the option to make deductions from their account. It may not work from everyone, but my kids now always make their beds. I do give them Sunday’s off. If the military requires it for character building, then I may as well!
    37. During the week i make beds, weekends the kids make them
    38. She is supposed to make her bed but never does!
    39. I don’t make their beds. If the kids don’t keep their rooms picked up, clothes put away, I do not wash/fold their clothes. The door is shut. However, they are required to clean their room at a minimum of once/month.
    40. I’m too fussy about HOW the beds are made, so I just do it myself. They clean their rooms, but I make the bed.
    41. I DO straighten out the covers every night before they go to bed, though.
    42. That said, nothing feels better than climbing into a neatly made bed!
    43. Our time in the morning is so limited that I make them while they are getting dressed (they are in elementary school). I need to get them doing it though, I guess we need to get up earlier.
    44. Its not worth fighting about. I just close their doors. I didn’t care when I was a kid, why would they? It will happen when they have their own homes…… I hope!
    45. encourage to make bed every day… not always successful, but I do not make it for them
    46. My kids are gone, but I highly suspect they make their beds everyday! 🙂
    47. But I should!
    48. Most of the time I make it but my oldest has started making her bed

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