Tech Tip: How To Find Out if You Are A Candidate For Hacking

by Adam Freedman of Dunwoody PC

You know who doesn’t get seem to get hacked?  Someone who has different passwords for all of their accounts.  When you use the same username/password combination, your chance of getting hacked increases exponentially.   Yes, I know it’s confusing.  But I also know some of you are lazy.  Write it down.  Neatly.  Password management is an art form.  All it takes is one of the accounts that you use to get hacked and the bad guys publish the web site database on the dark web (sounds scary – is it the opposite the light web?)  and then every hacker and their brother try to use the same username and password combination to break into your life.  Or they send you one of those bitcoin demand emails with a password of yours (see?  I hacked you!) to get you to bite.  Don’t bite.  Think how hard it will be for you to do a little police work if you have a dozen accounts that have the same password?  I probably got 2 dozen different demand emails and because I knew the unique password (it was LinkedIn), it was easy to take care of.  There’s a great website called Have I Been Pwned?  It will tell you where you’ve been exposed to hacking.  Visit it here: