The Worst Exercises for Knee Pain ~ Health Point Chiropractic

If you suffer from knee pain, but want to stay active, there are a few exercises you should avoid. These exercises are known to aggravate the knee joint, are often done incorrectly, and can cause unnecessary strain and inflammation: full-depth lunge, plyometrics (like box jumps), hurdler stretch, deep squats.

Instead, only lunge until your legs reach 90 degree angles, try step ups instead of jumps, do side-lying leg lifts, and partial, rather than deep, squats.

Cardiovascular exercise and strength training are important and can actually reduce your knee pain when done properly. Stick to low-impact cardio like elliptical trainers and make sure you stretch often.

If your knee pain is interfering with your daily activities, give us a call. You may find relief in just a couple visits.


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