These Community Girl/Daisy/Brownie Scouts want to sell you cookies!

by Audra H. Anders for The Aha! Connection

*We accept information from all aged Girls selling Girl Scout Cookies!

Wow – I’m loving the Girl Scout online ordering process.   Keeps the girls safe, cuts down on germs and is oh, so efficient!  Leave a comment if you’d like to add another Girl/Daisy/Brownie Scout to our list.  Or email me!  Otherwise scroll below to find someone to sell you cookies!  There are so many choices I’m not sure how you’ll decide who to order from!

Piper is a member of troop 18465 – it’s a group of Vanderlyn 4th graders that have been together since Kindergarten. 

Here is the link to Piper’s online shop.  Here’s the link to her video.  We can deliver cookies anywhere local to the Dunwoody area. 

Piper’s Cookie Story:  With the money my troop and I earn we plan to go on a trip to explore Savannah . We will also use some of the money for our local service projects. I learn and have learned from selling cookies about money management, being an entrepreneur, business, goal setting and much more.

Daisy 1st grader in Dunwoody North – Lizzie Gaby: Here’s the link to Lizzie’s online shop. 

Lizzie’s Cookie Story:   Lizzie’s troop hopes to sell 2000 packages so they can go to Girl Scout camp for a weekend. Lizzie learns about money, setting goals, working hard, and customer service. Plus, she learns how easy it is to sell a product that is delicious!

Olivia Dell on Vanderlyn Drive would love to sell her Dunwoody neighbors Girl Scout cookies to support her 4th grade troop. Here’s the link to her online shop.  Here’s a link to her video.

Olivia’s Cookie Story:  My troop and I are planning a trip to Savannah to visit the birthplace of Girl Scouts! Please help us fund this trip .

My daughter, Eden, is in third grade at Vanderlyn. We live in DCF and are willing to deliver all around Dunwoody. Here is a link to her Cookie Page.

Eden’s Cookie Story:  This year our troop goal is 3,022 boxes! We plan to donate 25% of our proceeds to a local animal shelter and another 25% towards helping the homeless. The rest will fund an exciting troop activity! By selling cookies, I learn to speak up for myself, to be polite and respectful to my customers, and to give back change and deal with money.

Thanks for including how to get girl scout cookies! Here is my daughter’s page. We are happy to deliver around Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Brookhaven area. Here’s Priya’s video.

Priya’s Cookie Story: 
My troop is planning to donate food and other items to a local food pantry I am learning entreprenrial skills and how to talk with people. 

Hazel Mayberry is selling Girl Scout cookies.  Here’s her video.  Here’s the link to Hazel’s Cookie Page.

Hazel’s Cookie Story:  Funds raised by cookie sales will support my troop in all of our activities. We have been taking pottery courses, hiking, and we are hoping to spend time camping in the great outdoors this Spring. First, I learn how to speak confidently to people. My dads make me be really responsible and track my orders, send thank-yous, package and deliver local orders, and they EVEN make me do math.

Hi Audra, my daughter Courtney is selling. Here’s the link to her page.

Courtney’s Cookie Story:  Our troop is planning to donate our earnings as well as take our scouting trip to Savannah. I have learned selling techniques, organizational techniques and how people really love Samosas! 

I saw your post and I have a first year daisy (Madison Ross) in K selling Girl Scout cookies. Her video is embedded on her cookie ordering website.

Madison’s Cookie Story:  My troop will be voting on different organizations that would benefit from our cookie sales. I am so excited to be a Daisy this year and learn all about selling cookies and reaching goals!

My daughter is selling cookies!  Here’s the link to her page. Here’s the link to her video.

 Anna Kate’s Cookie Story:  We plan to use our money for special activities like a sleepover at the zoo or the aquarium. I learn about advertising and how to convince someone to buy cookies or donate boxes to the military. 

My daughter is a daisy in girl scouts and is selling girl scout cookies! Her name is Penelope and here is her link! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Penelope’s Cookie Story:  We are going to use the money to save for Girls Scouts Camp this summer and the rest we are going to donate to the military families. I will learn how to be responsible with money, how to plan and meet deadlines, and to deliver on a deadline.

My niece’s 6yr old daughter (Harper) is selling GS cookies for the 1st time. She is trying to sell 2,000 boxes to win a computer. Here’s the online link for people to order cookies  

 Cookie Story:  We want to help animals in need! I am learning how to build confidence and how to use my voice.

Rebecca Lawless from Meadowlake Neighborhood is selling GS Cookies.   Click here for her page.  Click here for her video.

Rebecca’s Cookie Story:  We plan to give the proceeds to a local animal shelter and to a not for profit organization to help those who are homeless. I have learned responsibility, team work, and communication skills. These skills will help me on a daily basis and in the future.

Harper Thompson is selling cookies.  Here’s her cookie page.  Here’s her video.
Harper’s Cookie Story:  We plan to go on more exciting adventures learning about what a Girl Scout really is I learn good business skills and how to run my own business 

My daughter is selling this year (Carson Hart, 4th grade at Spalding Drive ES).  Click here for her cookie page. Carson’s Cookie Story:

Please add my daughter Lacey. She’s in Troop 18454 and the girls have been together since kindergarten. It’s a troop that started at Chesnut Charter Elementary. Lacey’s cookie page.

Lacey’s cookie story:
My troop and I plan to use the money from our sales to do fun things like Camp high Harbor. Each year we also give a portion of our profits to a special cause. My favorite was when we donated to A dog rescue and got to deliver our donation at one of their adoption events. Selling cookies has helped me to learn responsibility, money skills, goal setting and giving.

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