Trumbull Drive Paving Update

By Audra Anders for The Aha! Connection

For those of you who live on Trumbull Drive or travel through Meadowlake neighborhood, you’ll have noticed that it is now a dirt road. This project started Monday and although we are thrilled to be getting a new road, this process is more comprehensive and lengthier than what most of us imagined. I contacted my friend Jennifer Leslie Boettcher who works at the City of Dunwoody – Government and asked her for a timeline. She contacted the project manager and he gave her the following update that I thought all the neighbors would like to know about:

“Trumbull Drive is receiving full-depth reclamation, which is performed on streets that exhibit the need for significant repair before resurfacing. This year we are performing this style work on four streets in Dunwoody, with Trumbull Drive being the final street to receive this process.

The reclamation is an extensive process. It involves milling down and mixing the original asphalt surface into the underlying soil. Then, the surface is cut down to the required elevation for the new asphalt, and the cement is mixed into the soil to add strength. After the cement is mixed, the road is graded and the entire roadway must cure, to ensure there is time for the mixture of cement soil and asphalt mixture to cure.
After gaining the proper strength, a paving crew will come in and place a new asphalt surface. Typically this is a 7-to-10 work day process. Since this is such a unique process, the same crew that mixes cement and rebuilds the road base does not perform the paving work. Right now, we have both crews on site in Dunwoody. When Trumbull Drive is ready, we have a paving crew close by.

We would anticipate that Trumbull Drive will be paved mid-next week, which is pretty much in line with the 7-to-10 day business cycle for road reclamation and final resurfacing. This is contingent on all materials testing to pass, and favorable weather conditions.”

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