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Disclaimer:  I have not performed criminal background checks on any of the tutors on this list nor can I personally accept any responsibility for the performance or behavior of any of the tutors on this list.   If you hire anyone remember they’ll be working with YOUR children and you should take protective measures to insure your child’s safety and security.

Finally – if you want to be added to the list or change your listing simply add a comment to this post.  I will revise the list periodically and post the changes on my website!

And for whoever keeps trying to scam my tutors into giving you their bank account information.   Please STOP.   They’ve been warned so leave them alone.  Go find something honest to do for a living.  Please!

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  1. Science and Math tutor available for all levels- Elementary through High School.
    I am a Biology professor at Georgia State University and have a PhD in Neuroscience. I have tutored middle and high school math, chemistry and physics and can offer assistance in biology, human anatomy and physiology, all levels of math including statistics, and study skills. I live in Dunwoody and am available to come to homes in the Dunwoody area as well as providing tutoring in my home or at the library. I can be reached at m.nusnbaum@gmail.com or 404-376-7761.

  2. I highly recommend Stella Gordon to tutor middle school , high school and college applicants.She is an expert in Langushe Arts, writing and grammar. She will not only encourage your child but they will want to spend their time learning from her! She motivates and supports student learning!

  3. I highly recommend Stella Gordon as an expert in helping students with their writing in language arts in middle school and high school. She is gifted in helping students to learn how to get their thoughts organized and written in a clear concise way that is grammatically correct. Stella has also proven to be very helpful to many students with their collage essays.

  4. Stella Gordon is an incredible tutor. Whether she is tutoring middle school students, high school students, college applicants, or graduate school applicants, Stella provides the attention, care, support, and expertise needed to guide student success. Stella is extremely perceptive to individual student needs and modifies her tutoring style to accommodate each student. She is truly a pleasure to work with.

  5. Stella Gordon is an outstanding tutor. She goes above and beyond to make sure that all of the student’s needs are met and that the student feels proud of their work. Stella is an engaging tutor that pours her heart and soul into guiding each student. She is enthusiastic, efficient, and creative!

  6. Emma Spiegel is an excellent tutor. High school math and science. All AP subjects. College grad ~ UGA ~ Summa Cum Laude. Less expensive if you gather a group. Will meet you at Dunwoody Starbucks or Crema.

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