U.S. Postal Service offers Informed Delivery to see your mail before it arrives in your mailbox.

Source:  Heneghan’s Dunwoody Blog

I have been using the U.S. Post Office’s Informed Delivery on-line notification service for about a week and it has pretty much worked as promised showing me digital photos of every letter that will be showing up in my mailbox that afternoon.  It isn’t something I would review on a regular basis but it is nice having an email arrive in the background every morning showing me whats going to be delivered.  If I was waiting on a check or other important piece of mail, it is nice knowing that I have ther service running in the background where I can see what is coming and can review past history on the USPS website.

After reading so many items lately on mail fraud and mail box security, I figured this was something worth sharing.

To set up, go to https://www.usps.com and register an account with your address. then set your Informed Delivery notification options.      https://informeddelivery.usps.com