Win Tickets to See Venardo’s Circus!

Update:   Congrats to the following people who won tickets to the 9/27 show:

  1. Laura Marcus
  2. Julie O’Brien
  3. Brandi Kler
  4. Erin Kirkland
  5. Claire Clein

by Peggy Smith for The Aha! Connection

Lauren (of Lunch with Lauren) and I recently had the adventure of taking our families to see Venardo’s Circus, located under the big red and white tent in the Perimeter Mall parking lot.  Keep reading to see how you can win tickets to a show!

“The Little Circus That Could” was created by former Ringling Bros. Ringmaster Kevin Venadros and features a cast of artists in a kind of Circus Musical.  You will see everything from juggling and flame twirling to acrobatics and balancing feats to an absolutely amazing performance with aerial silks.  The tricks, the mastery, the music, the dancing … all bring people together under the tent for a couple hours of pure entertainment.  This circus is not to be missed!

The kids had a blast, stared in awe at the performers, asked for popcorn and cotton candy refills repeatedly, and were sufficiently exhausted by bedtime.  Venardo’s Circus is it for your fun and unique family outing right down the road!  For more photos and videos, check out our Facebook and Instagram.

Do you want to win a family ticket package for 4 to Thursday night’s 7 p.m. show?  Comment below and the winner will be notified tonight!

If you don’t win, you can still take advantage of the 15% off promo code “UNICORN” and visit Venardo’s Circus now through October 6!

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44 thoughts on “Win Tickets to See Venardo’s Circus!

  1. My Kids have never been to the circus but since The Greatest Showman, they have been dying to go. Hope we can win

  2. Oh how I would LOVE to take my granddaughters to see their very 1st Circus…one where they do not have inhumanely treated qnimals…what great fun!!!

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