VENMO SCAM ALERT from the Dunwoody PD

We have received several reports of victims being scammed in Dunwoody through the mobile payment app Venmo. Within the last week, a suspect would ask the victim to borrow their cell phones so he could call a ride and text someone. The victims would allow the suspect to use their phone and later discover a large transaction from their Venmo account. In another incident, a suspect claiming to be a Georgia Tech student asked a victim if he could use their Venmo account to have funds transferred from his mother’s account. He then requested the victim to withdraw the money at an ATM.

This has been occurring all over the metro-Atlanta area. Don’t become a victim. Think twice before allowing a stranger to borrow your cell phone.

Stay safe!

Officer Anwar Sillah

Community Outreach / Public Information Officer
Dunwoody Police Department