Vino Venue – Introducing Michael’s Wine, Pietra Fenice!

Note from Audra:   I shared a bottle with my hubby already and we LOVED it!

Many of you knew Michael Bryan, founder of Vino Venue.  He passed away from Sarcoma in 2017, but his legacy lives on in Pietra Fenice.

The first vintage of his wine has arrived from Italy!  The vines were planted in Michael’s Vineyard at Casa Segreta, in the Baschi hills of Umbria.

The name Pietra Fenice translates to the Stone Phoenix.  Rising from his ashes, the grapes that made this wine, embody the man.  Full of essence, inspiring those who partake of its wisdom, solid as the rock the vines spring from.

Wine makers Lorenzo and Tommaso Polegri produced this 2019 vintage from 100% Grechetto (Grechetto Umbria IGT).  You can expect an aromatic, fresh, expressive wine.


100% of the profit of sales of this wine will go toward Sarcoma Research in memory of Michael J. Bryan.

Purchase Pietra Fenice now here!
The price is $35 per bottle.  And profits go toward Sarcoma research.
There is a limited amount of Pietra Fenice. 
Place your order while supplies last!

Vino Venue is a full service restaurant located in the Georgetown Shopping Center.  Vino Venue is also a wine retailer and wine and cooking school.  Vino Venue offers virtual and in person events, a wine club and takes groups on trips to wine destinations.


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