We’re Giving Away an “EVERYTHING WILL BE OK” Yard Sign!

We may not be able to gather together, but we can still come together to provide assistance for those in need and remind each other that EVERYTHING WILL BE OK. Profits from these signs will support local artists and art teachers who have been financially impacted from gallery, studio and school closings due to coronavirus.

$20.00 –12”x24” yard sign featuring the iconic EVERYTHING WILL BE OK slogan. Hand delivered to your yard! NOW AVAILABLE TO ALL DUNWOODY RESIDENTS!  Click here to order!
Want to win a sign for yourself or a neighbor?  Audra bought an extra to giveaway!   Just comment on our website post or on Facebook and we’ll choose a winner on Friday!





31 thoughts on “We’re Giving Away an “EVERYTHING WILL BE OK” Yard Sign!

  1. Would love to have this in my yard to show everyone that, while I’m currently getting treatment at Atlanta Cancer Care, everything is going to be ok!

  2. Would love to win one to share with family. Thx to a sweet friend for sending one my way!

  3. Ok, I technically live in Sandy Springs (although many of you would say it is Dunwoody and it used to be since I am on Peachtree Dunwoody Rd near MARTA – and I would love one of these for our little neighborhood. I have lived in this area since 1999 – both in/out of Dunwoody (The Branches, River Oaks, and now Prescott Walk) and I consider Dunwoody my city too.

  4. Love this sign and that CNN and BBC both ran the story of our great community in the news!

  5. Would like to place this at my neighbors lawn (with permission). He is a retired pediatric dentist, well loved in our community, in home due to medical challenges. His wife is caregiver and full of life and love. I believe this is a message they need and that they will want to give everyone driving or walking by:)

  6. I think this is a great thing for our community! I don’t normally like yard signs but I would absolutely put this on up.

  7. I have already ordered one for myself, but a former Dunwoody friend wants one, and it’ll cost about $15 to mail to her, so if I could win a free sign, I could cover the mailing cost for her!

  8. I’d love one for my mom to put outside my moms retirement community so she and all the residents can look out their windows and see it.

  9. I would love for my yard to sport an EVERYTHING WILL BE OK sign. Thank you Audra for keeping Dunwoody connected especially during this time.

  10. Would love to have one to show my neighborhood that this too shall pass and we will indeed be ok.

  11. Would love to have this sign in my yard so it can bring a smile to my family’s face and my great neighbors.

  12. We have a very visible yard and hundreds of people could see it each day as they sit in traffic. We would love to have a sign to encourage others!

  13. Love this! Would love to have for our yard to encourage our neighbors during this time. Thanks for the opportunity.

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