Wesleyan Lower School Students Get Hands On Entrepreneurial and Venture Capitalism Lesson

nolanHi, As part of Wesleyan School’s commitment to fostering the development of well-rounded students, fourth graders participated in the Business of Tomorrow Expo this week. Students were tasked with creating their own businesses from scratch that they then pitched to other lower school students, parents, and teachers – who served as “venture capitalists” looking to invest in the next big business. After the technology expo, their peers invested their “E-bucks” in their favorite business plans. Leading up to the expo, the school’s Instructional Technology teacher, Michael Mann, emphasized the importance of eye contact, smiles, and handshake introductions to the fourth graders. “It’s always one of my favorites to teach because it gives our kids a chance to showcase their formatting and presentation skills, “ said Michael Mann. “Then, they have the chance to unplug from their technology and work on their interpersonal skills.” At the beginning of unit, Mann students to find something they’re passionate about, using the phrase “if you do what you love and never work a day in your life.” Businesses included a creative painting company, a 3D printing business, and a gaming company. “They take a real ownership and pride in pitching their new business,” he said. “It’s a joy to see them growing up in front of you.” It is the school’s eighth year hosting this technology expo. This year Mann is trying to take a select group to next year’s GAETC technology expo and take part of their student showcase. This conference is where all Georgia teachers, IT personnel, and technology directors come to share ideas.

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