What I learned from my girlfriends on Spring Break

By Audra Anders for The Aha! Connection

Last week at Crystal Beach (near Destin) I celebrated Spring Break with 9 boy moms, 3 girl moms and 20+  teenagers.   We had two houses separated by a back yard fence + one right down the street.  Don’t tell the home owners but there was a ton of climbing back and forth over the fence….especially at evening curfew!

We laughed A LOT.  We cried some (raising teenagers is hard).  But overall we had a great time, ate a lot of food,  tended to only a few sunburns and nobody in our group went to jail.  Although we did witness an underage gal get handcuffed, ankle shackled, and put in the paddy wagon because she was drinking an alcoholic drink from a YETI while walking on the beach.  Yep – that’s all she was doing….the police on that beach are serious about stopping under age drinking.  (To be clear this girl was a STRANGER and not from Dunwoody.)

But I won’t burden you with that….instead I want to share the fun stuff.  We had a sign up genius for meals.   Yes – indeed…and the meals were great!  Next time we’ll add a “Midnight Snack” category to our Meal SUG and assign Laura to every night.   We played a ton of games at night (mostly just the moms but sometimes the kids joined in) and we borrowed each other’s beauty products and learned about some great stuff that I’ll share with hot links below.

I also made a new friend!   One of our boy Moms is a recent Marist to Dunwoody High transfer and I was pleasantly reminded that making new friends is so much fun no matter how old you are.   I hope you enjoy the following list of things I learned from my girlfriends on spring break:



Games we played

Tuxedo Deal

  • K&G Fashion Superstore  – buy a Tuxedo and get the second at half price.
  • Literally 80% of the boys in our house took advantage of this deal.
  • Go to K&G in Buckhead, ask for Justin to be your sales person and take this coupon for even more savings.
  • I bought a tuxedo for my college sophomore when he was about to go to Junior prom in 2016 and we counted 8 times that he’s worn it since then.   Buying a tuxedo is the way to go if you suspect your son may be in a college fraternity.


  • My son and I checked out Destiny Worship Center on Sunday and LOVED it!  So if you are ever in Destin and want a place to go to church we highly recommend it!


  • I read Daisy Jones and the Six and loved it….couldn’t put it down for a full day and ignored all the 20+ people with me….and yes, they made fun of me for avoiding them 🙂
  • Kristin recommends On Mystic Lake (I’m reading this next)

Special thanks to the girlfriends who helped me chaperone spring break 2019 with a wonderful group of kids from the class of 2020!  Cheers to this very fun group of girl moms (Amanda and Laura + Beth down the street) and boy moms (Argie, Elizabeth, Keron (AKA K. Ron), Kim, Kim, Kristin, Laura, Mary Margaret and Shelley)!  I adore you all! ~Audra