Where’s Audra? Marlow’s Tavern Giveaway & Audra’s Trip Details!

Our popular “Where’s Audra” giveaway is back as Audra travels with a few members of her family.  The lucky winner of $50 Marlow’s Tavern Giftcard is Sarita Jakubowski! 

Thank you to Marlow’s Tavern Dunwody for sponsoring this weeks “Where’s Audra?” giveaway prize and thank you to Danielle Garrett of PlanIt Travel Designs for planning Audra’s amazing trip.  Follow her at Facebook or Instagram and find out more about Audra’s second week of travel below!

Yes, most of you guessed this one too! Audra was in beautiful Sorrento!

Sorrento is on the coast in southern Italy below Rome, but it is not part of the Amalfi Coast like many think. The three most popular Amalfi Coast towns are Positano, Ravello and Amalfi with Positano being by far the most well known. And for good reason…it offers dramatic cliffside views! But some travelers experience sticker shock when checking out the hotel pricing in Positano or they want to get away from the crowds. In the peak summer months Positano is packed with tourists. Sorrento is a busy place too, but it’s a town with more space to spread out. Positano is a village and much smaller!

These are the two main reasons why some travelers decide to base themselves in Sorrento. Sorrento is an easy 35 minute drive (sometimes more if there is traffic) or a ferry ride to Positano (TIP: I don’t recommend driving yourself along the famous windy Amalfi Coast road…pay for a driver). Sorrento does not offer the dramatic views of Positano, but does offer very pretty bay views with Mt. Vesuvius off in the near distance.  Sorrento offers a much better price point, especially if you are hoping to stay in a 5 star hotel! A 5 star hotel is typically double the cost in Positano. Sorrento also offers great restaurants, easy access to Capri and some pretty great beach clubs! And like Audra, you can take a day trip to Positano and spend as much time as you like!

Audra has just wrapped up her final 3 nights in Rome and will be saying Ciao bella to Italy! Safe travels home Audra!