Whitehead Learning Group

Whitehead Learning Group is an Atlanta-based educational consulting firm dedicated to ensuring students are confident problem-solvers and critical thinkers prepared to thrive in the best school environment. Our goal is to help each child identify and develop their intrinsic strengths within a learning environment that is best suited for their emotional and academic development. We take the time to understand the personality, perspective, and purpose of each child. We recognize that few decisions have as dynamic an impact on the life of a student and family as the choice of a learning environment. Therefore, we work one-on-one with our students to unwrap the gifts that make them unique—personalities, interests, passions, qualifications, strengths, and aspirations. Serving as a guide and interpreter for the entire school selection and application processes, we act as project manager, researcher, matchmaker, coach, editor, counselor, and cheerleader to ensure that every student is empowered to thrive. 

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