Worshiping Online: I do it all the time!

by Audra H. Anders for The Aha! Connection

I watch and/or listen to church services online and via podcasts all the time.  In fact, when visiting my girlfriend, Leigh, last weekend we decided we wanted to have double “pajama church”.  We each picked a service and watched both together!   I chose Levi Lusko’s Fresh Life Church and she chose Ron Carpenter of Redemption Church.

Following are a few of my faves, some that my Bible study sisters recommended and a few links to online services for churches in our community. Please feel free to add commentary with your recommendations.   I’m sure my Jewish friends have Rabbi’s they listen to online….share those as well!

Audra’s Fave Five (all but one are local to Atlanta)

  1. Andy Stanley (by far the pastor I listen to the most)
  2. Levi Lusko (my latest pastor addiction)
  3. Louie Giglo
  4. Jentezen Franklin (I’m reading one of his books right now and Trump is apparently listening to this service today)
  5. Michael Youssef

Local Community Churches

  1. Dunwoody Baptist Church Online
  2. Dunwoody United Methodist Church Online
  3. Misty Creek Community Church Online
  4. Saint Luke’s Presbyterian Church Online

Suggestions from my Bible Study girlfriends (They listen to my top 5 too!)

  1. Victory World Church
  2. Redemption Church


2 thoughts on “Worshiping Online: I do it all the time!

  1. Saint Luke’s Presbyterian in Dunwoody is streaming its service through Facebook live at 10:30 on Sundays (or you catch watch it later)

  2. Venture Christian Church. Wonderful worship in San Jose, CA-my church until I recently moved back to Atlanta. Tim Lundy is the pastor, preceded by Chip Ingram.

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