Zooming is Easy (and fun) Here’s How

By Audra H Anders for The Aha! Connection

I must admit that I’d never even heard of Zoom until last week.  I bet most of you don’t even know that before I was “the AHA Connection girl” I was a Project Manager for AT&T responsible for Cisco Telepresence video conferencing installations all over the world.   I managed installations in South Korea, Turkey, Chile, United Kingdom and Costa Rica…just to name a few.   So I wasn’t at all surprised to learn that the founder of Zoom used to be a “Cisco” guy.  He’s doing alright now…and their stock is doing way more than alright….

I Zoomed with my AHA co-workers yesterday, my son has been Zooming with his DHS teachers/classmates for a week, he also had a Bible Study Zoom last night.   My Bible study is planning to Zoom this afternoon and I Zoomed with my Fitness Together trainer yesterday afternoon while doing a workout in my garage!

It’s so simple and you can do it from your phone, computer, or iPad.  

Here’s the deal:

Click here to sign up for free. Go ahead and download the app.   After signing up you can either join a meeting using a code from a host or host your own meeting.   A basic personal meeting is free.   Pricing then ranges from $15-$20 per month for hosts based on how much support you need and how many people you plan to meet with.

Zooming really helps those feeling isolated from friends or co-workers but it might mean you have to get our of your PJs!  Here’s some zoom screen shots from my AHA staff meeting and from my son’s Bible study:



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