504s, IEPs, and SAT/ACT Extended Time: What you need to know

Source:  Creating Positive Futures

Are School Accommodations Right for Your Kid?

Have you ever wondered if your child or teen is in need of special accommodations at school? Do they seem to get less-than-ideal grades, have trouble finishing tests in the allotted time, or struggle focusing on homework and getting it turned in on time?

We all experience challenges and fall short of our goals sometimes. There’s no such thing as a perfect student! Homework assignments will occasionally be missed and a pop quiz might not go well from time to time.

But…does it seem like these are recurring themes in your kid’s life? If so, it might make sense for you to look into school and standardized test accommodations.

I recently interviewed Educational Consultant Marcia Lindner, who specializes is helping families get the support their kids need in school through accommodations plans.

I’ve found that there’s quite a bit of confusion around different plans and get asked often by parents how they’d know if their child needed special accommodations – and the biggest question: where do I even begin?

In this informative interview with Marcia, we talk about answers to common questions like…Continue at Creating Positive Futures.