Kylie’s Voice: Basketball for Backpacks

By Kylie Bick for The Aha! Connection

Basketball for Backpacks at Dunwoody High School was a success! Many students came out last Friday night to support their teachers and help contribute to raising money. The $1,400 raised went towards backpacks and school supplies for children in DeKalb. Some of the schools that are being donated to are Hightower and Kingsley Elementary.… Read More »

Kylie’s Voice – ATL Dinner Bell

By Kylie Bick for The Aha! Connection

Ever heard of the new organization ATL Dinner Bell? Adam Kaye, a Dunwoody High School student, felt compelled to do more for those in need around him. He tried to get involved in many different organizations but spent a lot of time waiting for responses and decided to make his own.… Read More »

Aha! Teens – Kylie Bick

by Audra Anders for The Aha! Connection

Everyone knows that I love the DHS Class of 2020.   I’m shameless in my adoration for my Walter and his friends who work so hard at Rent-A-Teen.   I’m currently interviewing a talented young woman to help me learn how to insert a little video into Aha!   And finally, I’ve reacquainted myself with a young neighbor who sang a duo with my baby at Vanderlyn’s Polar Express!… Read More »