Win Tickets to See Venardo’s Circus!

Update:   Congrats to the following people who won tickets to the 9/27 show:

  1. Laura Marcus
  2. Julie O’Brien
  3. Brandi Kler
  4. Erin Kirkland
  5. Claire Clein

by Peggy Smith for The Aha! Connection

Lauren (of Lunch with Lauren) and I recently had the adventure of taking our families to see Venardo’s Circus, located under the big red and white tent in the Perimeter Mall parking lot. … Read More »

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Health Insurance Recommendations Needed

For every family that is self-employed finding insurance for 2018 has become even more difficult with Blue Cross Blue Shield dropping out of metro Atlanta.  It seems as if Kaiser could be the only traditional insurance offering for the self-employed.  I’m hearing good things about Liberty Healthshare as an alternative to traditional insurance.

My family has been very happy with the advice from Argyll Insurance (404-542-1476 or More »

Children’s Museum of Atlanta Features Sid the Science Kid: The Super-Duper Exhibit!

Submitted by Peggy Smith, The Aha! Connection

Your family is invited to step into Sid’s world with Children’s Museum of Atlanta’s newest feature exhibit Sid the Science Kid: The Super-Duper Exhibit! running from September 16 – January 15, 2018.

This thrilling new traveling exhibit brings the award-winning PBS KIDS TV series to life!  Familiar environments within the show are recreated to give visitors the sense that they are truly inside Sid’s world. … Read More »

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Visit Medieval Times Today – Deals for Aha! Subscribers!

Submitted by Peggy Smith, The Aha! Connection

I recently had the adventure of taking my family of four to Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament for the first time.  Located in the Sugarloaf Mills Mall, it took us about 25 minutes to get there on a Saturday afternoon from Dunwoody.  Parking is free and easy and the entrance is easy to find. … Read More »

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Computer Repair Recommendations Needed

Last week’s survey indicated that y’all miss all of my pleas for service recommendations.  So I’m going to work on remembering to do this more often and figure out a way to somehow combine your recommendations with our directory.  So….since I’ve been in the middle of a computer crisis over the past month (Wifi issues, old computer finally dying, switching from Comcast to AT&T Fiber, etc.)… Read More »

Bernadettes Hair Salon is Fabulous!

Submitted by Peggy Smith, The Aha! Connection

I recently had the pleasure of going to Bernadettes Hair Salon & Wig Studio for the first time.  Located off Jett Ferry in the Chick-fil-A shopping center, I’ve driven by many times but had no idea what I was missing!  The salon is welcoming, clean, and clutter free which immediately relaxed me (okay, it may have also helped that I was there without my young children!) … Read More »

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Check out Chloe’s Pops!

What better way to cool off this summer than to check out Chloe’s Pops!  As the all-natural alternative to frozen yogurt and ice cream made with only real fruit, filtered water and a touch of organic cane sugar, Chloe’s pops are now available at over 90 Kroger locations in the Atlanta-area and definitely a fun, ‘cool’ way to eat fruit this summer. … Read More »

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Remodelers/Renovation Specialists

Click here to find the compilation of Re-Modeler/Renovation Specialist recommendations from Aha! Subscribers as of 03/10/15

We haven’t updated this important list for several years and I’m sure there are some new great choices out there!  Please respond to this post via the comment section if you can recommend  someone for home remodeling for kitchen, bathroom, basements etc!   … Read More »

Health Insurance Brokers

We asked for your recommendations in 2010!  With all the recent changes to Healthcare it is time to refresh this list!  My family is in search of a new option so I’m personally interested in your feedback!

Please comment if you know of a talented person who can help families navigate the process of choosing a good Health Insurance Option!… Read More »