Style Moment: Nail Polish Colors for Spring + GIVEAWAY!

Submitted by The Aha! Connection Style Editor for The Aha! Connection

In preparation for all the spring breaks, I thought I would post a quick nail polish update.  As I mentioned in a previous post, the game has really changed with the introduction of dipping and gel nails.  With these options mani/pedis are lasting 3 weeks plus, so choosing the correct color is important!  … Read More »

Ask Tatiana: What’s up with the trend in parents making alcohol accessible to their teens?

Dear Tatiana,

Am I missing something? I am surrounded by a trend in parents turning their head or even worst, making alcohol accessible to their teens. I keep hearing “they are going to do it anyway, at least this way I know they are in my home.” This seems crazy to me, but now I am questioning if maybe I am doing something wrong as a parent.Read More »

Ask Tatiana: What is a first session like? Do you go in with a “problem?” Who starts talking? 

Natalie Stadnick-Uhl from Atlanta Specialized Care gives some tips about counseling sessions:

While it can vary some between counselors — everyone has a different style — the first session is usually an “intake” session. You’ll fill out forms either in the office or prior to the appointment explaining any medical or social history that you’d like to share and be provided with information about limits to confidentiality. … Read More »

Odin Enterprises and Atlanta Specialized Care Announce Partnership

Odin Enterprises, a security solutions provider, and Atlanta Specialized Care, a professional counseling practice, are pleased to announce a partnership between the organizations.

Odin Enterprises has strong relationships with strategic partners, trusted advisors, and industry experts, who include some of the most knowledgeable individuals in the country on the topics of crisis management, workplace violence, forensic and clinical psychology, threat assessment, security, safety and trauma.… Read More »

Mental Health Counseling Scholarships Available for Front Line Workers

In case you hear of anyone in need:

Atlanta Specialized Care is providing a limited number of scholarships covering 100% of individual treatment costs for front line workers whose mental health has been impacted by their service during COVID-19. They have offices in Dunwoody and Alpharetta.  Interested parties should contact Tatiana Matthews

Tatiana Matthews MS, LPC, CRC
Atlanta Specialized Care
www.atlantaspecializedcare.comRead More »

Ask Tatiana: My high school daughter was just diagnosed with a learning disability…?

Dear Tatiana,

My high school aged daughter was just diagnosed with a learning disability. She is devastated. How can I help her feel better?


Heart Broken Mama


Dear Heart Broken Mama,

It is normal for a child (and their family for that matter,) to grieve the diagnosis of a “learning disability.” Typically, a lack of understanding and education regarding the diagnosis tends to feed negative beliefs about self and what the future may hold.… Read More »

Ask Tatiana: Social Distancing Activities For Families

Tatiana asked one of her fellow counselors to share with us an article regarding social distancing activities for families.

By Theresa Westfall MS, LPC for The Aha! Connection

The recent concerns about the spread of COVID-19 have created major ripple effects. Many children are home from school and many parents are working from home (when they are able) or taking time off from work.… Read More »

Ask Tatiana: Coping with Anxiety During Coronavirus

Tatiana asked one of her fellow counselors to share with us an article regarding coping with anxiety during  the Coronavirus. Neitcha Thomsen is an LCSW and certified in treating anxiety. She sees clients in both their Dunwoody and Alpharetta locations.

by Neitcha Thomsen, LMSW, LCSW, Atlanta Specialized Care

   Stress is a reaction to something happening now.… Read More »

Ask Tatiana: Trends in Teen Substance Abuse

Tatiana asked one of her co-workers to share with us an article regarding trends in teen substance abuse. I am so thankful for her desire to help our community with mental health issues……

By Erin Mills, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Atlanta Specialized Care

As an addiction therapist who works with teens and young adults, I have a seen a huge shift in teen substance use within the past few years.… Read More »

Ask Tatiana: A full presentation and video on “Parenting Effectively”

by Audra H Anders for The Aha! Connection

Tatiana spoke on Sunday at Dunwoody Presbyterian Church.   I was curious to see the inside of this “new” church on Peeler Road and also wanted to support my amazingly talented friend, Tatiana.  The church meets in the odd looking building on Peeler Road between all the dentist offices and Brook Run park. … Read More »