Edison Prep – Important ACT/SAT Score Information & More!

Happy October ACT Score Release Day!

Lots of great Edison Prep news and updates:

1.) Below is a side-by-side comparison of Sept. 2019 ACT (fully in-person) and Sept. 2020 ACT (fully virtual). The results might surprise you; Sept. 2020 results were 21% higher — an average of 5.1 points across all tutoring types/homework completion levels.

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Support Savvy Cyber Kids and Get a Chance to Win a Tesla!

Fundraising has always been a challenge for non-profit organizations, especially small 501(c)(3) non-profits like Savvy Cyber Kids. Add the events of 2020 on top of everything else and we needed a new way to fundraise that will help us to continue to develop new and updated learning materials for parents and educators of today’s youth.

We are trying something new, a raffle where the winner gets a new car (and cash).… Read More »

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Listen to Dunwoody vs Duluth on MIXLR Radio Friday night!

Dunwoody’s next game: 

  • Fri 11/20 at 7:30 – Varsity vs. Duluth at Duluth High School

Can’t make it to the game?  Do not despair!  Our talented Wildcat Radio crew is back!   Kirk Anders, Bill Caiaccio and Mark Julian no longer have students at DHS but their love for the Wildcats remains strong!    They have invited rookie broadcaster Mark West as a “trainee” and are excited to bring the varsity games to our offsite fans this year!… Read More »

13 Tips for Kids Heading to College – Advice from Financial Innovations!

by Laura Schilling of Financial Innovations for The Aha! Connection

In today’s strange world leaving for college is not just about going to Bed Bath and Beyond to get your comforter.  Will you go to classes live or online?  Will the dorm stay open?  Will you wear masks on campus?  These are strange times; however, there are things that every college student should have/do on the financial front:

  1. A Financial Power of Attorney. 
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Edison Prep – What Can a Sophomore Parent Do This Year to Ensure a Smooth SAT/ACT Preparation Process?

In 2016, we published our “what should a sophomore parent do?” blog post that received over 50,000 clicks over four years, despite us being a small two-person company! School counselors shared the wisdom in this blog post, the sole goal of which was to de-stress the process and make sure that parents did not feel the pressure to prepare for the test too early and to prep at the right test at the right time during high school.… Read More »

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Atlanta Academy – Now Touring Preschool-8th Grade!

Atlanta Academy serves 350 preschool-8th grade students in North Atlanta. Our mission to give every student the individual attention they need to succeed is at the core of everything we do. Small class sizes allow our teachers to understand their students’ individual strengths and help them discover their own unique talents. High performing student achievement is nurtured in an inclusive, non-denominational atmosphere, where families are engaged.… Read More »

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Enrollment Reports for DCSD in October

Source:  Educate Dunwoody DCSD has published its October 2020 enrollment numbers. Attached is a summary of the Dunwoody cluster of schools.

Some highlights: *Enrollment Dunwoody cluster elementary schools has seen a 14% drop in enrollment this year. Enrollment is 614 students lower in 2020 (3,652) than it was in 2019 (4,266). *Middle school in the Dunwoody cluster has seen a 5% drop in enrollment this year.… Read More »

St. Martin’s Episcopal School

St. Martin’s Episcopal School is Atlanta’s preschool through 8th grade experience dedicated to graduating well-rounded individuals ready to wholeheartedly embrace life. We do this by giving students the personalized attention, instruction and support they need as they learn about the world and themselves through intellectual adventures, extracurricular opportunities and spiritual formation. We believe the transition from children to young adults is a time to savor and celebrate, and the best time to develop a strong foundation on which students can build for the rest of their lives.  … Read More »

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The Davis Academy

From Kindergarten Prep – Eighth Grade, The Davis Academy teaches to the whole child, creating compassionate leaders and equipping them with skills they will use for the entirety of their academic careers and beyond. We teach life skills, instill Jewish values, and provide diverse experiences so that our students become well-rounded and self-confident individuals. Students learn amongst a warm and supportive community that shares common values and visions.… Read More »

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