How to Turn off a Computer – by Adam Freedman

by Adam Freedman of Dunwoody PC

It Sounds Like a Simple Request.

My ultimate goal is to provide my customers simple instructions, so simple that if they work, they won’t need a visit.   Sounds altruistic, right?  I try.  It always starts this way. (Windows computers only…)

“Hi Adam, I’m having a major panic attack because I think I have a virus, my screen is black, there’s a coyote in my backyard,  The geese are jay-walking around Dunwoody Village. … Read More »

Tech Tip: How to create those cute cartoon characters of yourself

By Audra Anders for The Aha! Connection

I’ve always been curious about the cute little “mini me” cartoon emojis that people sometimes send via text.  When my mom (who is in her seventies) sent me a text with a cartoon of herself I realized then and there that I needed to figure this out.  

My oldest son recently taught me how to use Snapchat. … Read More »

How Teens Use Social Media in 2018 Vs. 2012

Social Media, Social Life: Teens Reveal Their Experiences sheds light on teens’ changing social media habits and why some kids are more deeply affected by — and connected to — their digital worlds. The report is a nationally representative survey of more than 1,000 kids age 13 to 17. And because it tracks changes from 2012 to today, we can see how teens’ social media use continues to evolve.… Read More »

Tech Tips from Dunwoody PC

My friend Adam has saved me more than a few times with a daunting computer issue or two or three……so when he sends out his newsletters I always feel like I should share because I know many of you could benefit from his tips.  So here’s his latest newsletter in its entirety:

Greetings from Adam at Dunwoody Personal Computers.… Read More »

Tech Tip: iPhone Camera Class

My kids have had the best time making fun of me for signing up to take an iPhone Photography class.   I’m kind of a nerd and am tech savvy regardless of being old enough to be their mom.  Wait, I am their mom.  They warned me I’d be the youngest in my class and couldn’t wait to find out the class demographics. … Read More »

Cheap replacement batteries expected to hit iPhone sales

There’s a very good business reason as to why Apple priced iPhone battery replacements at $79, and it isn’t profit. By making a battery replacement relatively expensive, more existing iPhone owners with failing batteries are likely to decide to upgrade to a newer model instead, which is even more profitable for Apple. However, that situation is expected to change this year. … Read More »

Tech Tip: Problems Typing the Letter “I” on an Apple Device Lately?

Source:  Apple Support

Last night my phone started  autocorrecting every time I typed an “I” .  The auto correct changed it to an “A” with a symbol.  Not only was this making me angry but I was perplexed as to why in the world this would be happening.  Well, apparently Apple has a bug.

If you updated your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to iOS 11 or later and find that when you type the letter “i” it autocorrects to the letter “A” with a symbol then here’s what to do……I did it and it works fine now.… Read More »