Zurn Plumbing – Did you know the owners are DHS grads/siblings?

by Audra H. Anders for The Aha! Connection

Visiting so many businesses lately has reminded me of my days in International Sales for AT&T.  I had forgotten how much I love learning about small businesses and their owners/entrepreneurs.  I will admit though that it is a little more fun knowing I do not have to close a sale to meet my quota at the end of these friendly AHA meetings!… Read More »

Audra’s Visit to Dunwoody Baptist Preschool

By Audra H. Anders for The Aha! Connection

By now you may have noticed that I am getting out and about a little more.  I am still being Covid-cautious but am craving community interaction.  Therefore, I have offered to visit a few of our community business and share what I learn during my visits.  No offense to the others, but my favorite visit thus far was to Dunwoody Baptist Preschool!  Read More »

Kwality Ice Cream ~ Audra’s Review

by Audra H Anders for The Aha! Connection

I will admit that ice-cream is not one of my weaknesses.   I like it but I can easily do without it.   However, my hubby is ADDICTED to ice-cream.   So my oldest and I were getting ready to leave TGM and he decided to see if he could find a new ice-cream place to grab some ice-cream for Dad.  … Read More »

The General Muir’s New Location in Sandy Springs – Audra’s review

By Audra H Anders for The Aha! Connection

My oldest and I decided to head towards Sandy Springs for a date night dinner chatting along the way about where to go.   When I suggested we try the new location of The General Muir (TGM), he was immediately all in.   Both of us have been to the Emory location and to their West Egg Cafe in Westside and love their food.   … Read More »

Jewelry Artisans

by Audra H. Anders for The Aha! Connection

This past summer my husband and I were walking off our Hobnob lunch by causally window shopping in the Perimeter Place development.  The skies unexpectedly opened and POURED rain, so we dashed into Jewelry Artisans for cover.  Neither of us had ever been there.  I am typically a more costume jewelry kind of gal, but I happened to be in the market for a new wedding ring. … Read More »

ROAM – What it is & how you can try it for free for a week!

by Audra H. Anders for The Aha! Connection

I thought about doing a poll to see who has heard of or noticed Roam Dunwoody in the Perimeter Pointe Shopping Center.   When driving around the shopping center parking lot corner past Dick’s Sporting Goods towards Home Goods and located above Office Depot…. I’ve always wondered what in the world it was. … Read More »

Ways to Worship – Indoors • Outdoors • Online

by Audra H. Anders for The Aha! Connection

Repost from August 28th

I watch and/or listen to church services online and via podcasts all the time. I love this..but I’m getting tired of it.  I want to go to church but I don’t want the germ risk. I miss my Sunday routine of going to church and participating in the fellowship with other Jesus followers. … Read More »

Video: Lauren and Audra get a flu shot…please get one too!

by Audra H. Anders for The Aha! Connection

I’ve known Casey and Roxanne Locarnini since our 22 year olds were in 5th grade together the very first year of Dunwoody Elementary School’s existence.   Dr. Casey Locarnini  is the founder, owner, and medical director of Dunwoody Urgent Care. “Doctor Loc” has over 28 years of experience as a physician. … Read More »

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Dunwoody Urgent Care

Safe Hands – Take our poll – are you Orange, Blue, or Green?!

by Audra H Anders for The Aha! Connection

Be sure to take the poll to let us know what color wristband you would choose!

Peggy, Lauren and I met yesterday at  ROAM to take a tour. We’ll share more on ROAM later but wanted to quickly tell you about how much we love the idea of Safe Hands wristbands and other products!Read More »

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Movie Theater Survey Results – Most not ready for indoor movies yet.

On Friday we published a survey asking our subscribers to let us know their thoughts on going to an indoor movie theater.  We’ve compiled the results to share… Bottom line:  80% of the poll takers are not ready to go back to the movies.  Social distanced seating was the top priority for whenever people are ready to go back, followed closely by mask wearing by employees and attendees.  … Read More »