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Dunwoody Dog Walker

Love dogs and love to walk! And a tired dog is a good dog!

Let me help you walk your dog in any weather in Dunwoody and Sandy Springs area. I can let your dog out during the day if you aren’t available. I’m responsible and trustworthy!… Read More »


Betsy Wolkin

4 foods to avoid this Thanksgiving…when it comes to pet safety

Note from Audra:   In September I almost lost my George because he accidentally ingested raisins in leftover chicken salad.   Luckily I realized it ASAP and was able to follow the advice from my Vet and get him to vomit them back up.   Gross, I know, but I couldn’t live without my George.   Apparently raisins (and grapes) are very very very toxic to dogs.  … Read More »

Camp Run-a-Mutt in Dunwoody

The award-winning Camp Run-A-Mutt™ is the premier cage free doggie daycare and boarding paradise! Our indoor/outdoor camp is beautiful (see for yourself on our Muttcams), fun, safe and supervised 24/7. Camp Run-A-Mutt™ Dunwoody features over 11000 square feet of indoor and outdoor play area for your dog to romp, play and socialize to their heart’s content!… Read More »

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The Pet Resorts Dunwoody – One Free Day of Free Play!

The Pet Resorts Dunwoody and our North Fulton/Cumming locations, have been voted the “Best of” pet Daycare, Boarding, Grooming, and Training facilities in Atlanta for multiple years by Kudzu voters!  Also, our Dunwoody location was voted best pet services business in Dunwoody by readers of the AJC while our north Fulton/Cumming location was names Best of Forsyth by the Chamber of Commerce!… Read More »

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Halloween Pet Safety

Chocolate is toxic to your pets—symptoms can range from vomiting to severe cardiac arrhythmias—so make sure it’s out of reach.

Check your sugar-free candy and gum for this deadly ingredient—any level of ingestion requires a vet visit.… Read More »

Missing black/white cat

Missing: Rocco (cat) boy, approx 13 yrs old. Strong, sweet, likely to be a bit stand off-ish. Loves to hunt birds, mice, chipmunks. Indoor/outdoor cat, usually comes in at night/rain/cold weather. Last seen Wednesday 9/23. Should have a flea collar along with other collar with tag (tag has name/phone)., also microchipped. Loves the sound of a bag of treats.… Read More »


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Missing dog

Tri-color beagle, 7 yrs old, female. Cleopatra or Cleo. Very skittish of people. Probably will come if offered food.

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Do you have the CUTEST dog in Dunwoody?

A 4th Grader in Dunwoody came up with the great idea to raise money to buy gifts for kids who were hospitalized over the holidays– 2021 Dogs of Dunwoody Calendar!

From now until October 3, please send us a picture of your adorable pup(s) to be included in the calendar! All submissions we receive will be included the calendar, which will go on sale starting November 1.… Read More »


Brandy Scaravaglione (Nicholas)
(610) 952-1411

dog sitter/walker

My name is Catherine Coyle and I just graduated from high school. I am taking a gap year for the 2020/21 school year and will be working and interning. I am looking for dog sitting/walking jobs and have experience having had a dog for 12 years. If you need someone to help out in the Dunwoody and Sandy Springs area, I am available.… Read More »


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Lost Cat

James went missing on 8/12/20 on Dunwoody Park. He is very friendly outside cat. Please contact me if you see him. Thanks!

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