Atlanta Girls’ School

If you have a daughter, ask yourself: Does my daughter have the support she needs, both from teachers and her peers, to believe in herself and her ability to succeed? Is she being equipped and empowered to achieve her dreams? Has she found her own voice and does she know how to use it? At Atlanta Girls’ School, we provide a learning environment that is uniquely tailored to how girls learn and grow best. Research shows that girls grow and thrive in an environment where they are supported and nurtured by both their teachers and their peers; where they are comfortable asking questions, sharing their ideas freely, and welcoming others to do the same. At AGS, we prepare girls to succeed in college and beyond, developing confidence in their abilities, and helping them to find, use, and raise their own voice in leading lives of purpose. If your daughter’s current school experience is less than you’d hoped for and less than she needs, we invite you to consider Atlanta Girls’ School.  

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