Audra Explains How You Can Get Paid to Give Your Opinion About What Goes on Store Shelves!

by Audra H. Anders for The Aha! Connection

Yes, I realize the title of this article in and of itself sounds like a scam.  Too good to be true?  NO!  I visited the Consumer Innovation Center (CIC) and can show you my pictures and verify this is true!

First, let me mention the convenient location next to Dunwoody’s HOBNOB.  My family loves HOBNOB and I’ve never even noticed the Consumer Innovation Center next door!  So, now I’m going to tell you about them!

Bottom line – the Consumer Innovation Center wants to add people to their database so they can get a wider variety of individuals to participate in:

  • Taste Tests
  • Focus Group Discussions
  • Online Discussion Communities
  • Individual Interviews
  • Shop Along Studies, etc.

I met a few ladies who are regular taste testers, and they love the quick and easy opportunity to stop by and earn extra cash!  Studies pay between $25 and $100+

The brands the Consumer Innovation Center represent are a secret but are well known companies in the food/beverage, cosmetics, hair etc. industries.  These companies desire opinions of people who use their products…sometimes they change up even one ingredient and it makes a difference worth investigating.

I was able to see an example of a “triangle test” for a beverage.  Triangle testing is a method that determines whether a sensory difference exists between two products – perhaps following a change in formulation or in processing conditions, or to see if some external factor (e.g. packaging) has influenced a product.  Testers sign up on the computer screen then mark their opinions accordingly.

Sometimes the CIC wants parents, sometimes mothers of young kids, sometimes teenagers, it varies based on the product and they need more people to register so they can get more opinions. All ages are welcome so if you have children and teenagers at home, please encourage them to sign up.

I signed up and really hope I’ll get a notification to get back over there soon to earn some quick cash for my opinions!

Are you in the Metro Atlanta area? Sign up today to get paid for your opinion!  Please forward this article to others who may be interested!


The Consumer Innovation Center
1231 Ashford Crossing
Dunwoody, GA 30346

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