Audra’s Fitness Blog – Catholicism and Exercise? Well, not really!

written by Beth Dubsky (Audra’s workout BFF)

I am a practicing Catholic. (Don’t worry. I will not be talking about religion.) As a practicing Catholic I am obligated to go to mass on the weekend. Now, the Catholic Church makes this pretty easy for me by offering six different times that I can attend mass from Saturday evening to Sunday evening. (I think it’s six. There could be more.)  So, really, there are no excuses for missing mass. We look at our schedule and figure out when we can go. The hubs and I were walking and talking (remember? therapy) the other day about how working out is kind of the same thing. You look at your schedule and figure out when you will be able to go. Maybe you like to go to the same class (service) at the same time every week, because you know you will most likely see the same people, and that is fun and comforting? (You know those people who go to the same service every weekend and sit in the same spot EVERY WEEKEND?) Perhaps you like to mix things up? A morning class one day, an evening class the next. Keeps things interesting! Like going to a different service every weekend to hear a different sermon, or maybe different music. Maybe you have a favorite trainer (Priest/minister)? You go to all of their classes (services)  because you know what to expect (short sermons 😬). I know there are gyms that have only exercise equipment and no classes. You go in, do your workout and leave. To me that would be like going to the same mass with the same priest and hearing the same sermon, readings and music every weekend. BORING. Classes keep things interesting. They are never the same thing twice. So, what are you waiting for? Shake things up! (Go to a different service and sit in a different seat!) Grab a friend and go try a new class!