BCM Faithful Frames

Seize the moments and make an impact! 

Kylie Bick and Caleb Jones invite you to be part of ‘BCM Faithful Frames,’ a missions fundraising project that combines the art of photography with the spirit of giving. Until March 22nd, they’re on a mission to capture memories and turn them into a force for good.

Kylie and CJ are members of the Baptist Collegiate Ministry at Georgia State University. Through the ministry, they are partaking in raising money for Send Me Now missions.

What can they photograph? Anything and everything! From the energy of church sports leagues to the warmth of family portraits, the vibrancy of youth group events, the serenity of church worship, and the joy of special occasions like birthdays and graduations. ‘BCM Faithful Frames’ is about transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary contributions.

This isn’t your typical photography service. It operates on a ‘pay as you feel called’ basis, meaning there’s no predetermined price. Your donation reflects the value you place on the captured memories and, more importantly, on the impact you want to make.

But why are they doing this? All proceeds from ‘BCM Faithful Frames’ go towards supporting mission trips for college students through ‘Send Me Now.’ By participating, you’re not just preserving memories – you’re helping to send messengers of hope, love, and faith to communities in need.

Ready to be part of something bigger than a photograph? Book your session now by contacting Kylie and CJ at 404-955-4204 and let your memories be a catalyst for positive change.

Follow their fundraising journey on Instagram, @BCM.faithful.frames.