Book of the Week: Something in the Water

I’ve been in my car a lot lately driving my baby on college tours and visiting my big boy in college. I love my little car by the way.  It has an awesomely long sunroof, it is small and easy to park, I can talk to text with it so easily,  but my most favorite thing of all is that it works with Apple Car Play and reads books from my phone to me!

My little KIA is currently reading Something in the Water to me.   The author is the narrator and I love her British accent.   I’m not finished yet but she started out explaining how hard it is to dig a grave, immediately you find out she’s about to bury her husband and then she back tracks to how she got there.  I’m only about 25% in and I still have no idea why she’s burying the bloke…she’s madly in love with him as far as I can tell and they are about to get married.  I’ve got to make time to finish this book over the weekend!