Did you know Dunwoody is “ATP” and not “OTP”?

I can’t resist sharing this article from the AJC with the Aha! Connection.  My dear friend Polly (an original to the Aha! Connection) may kill me but I don’t get the paper anymore and I couldn’t find this article online so I scanned it the old fashioned way.  I enjoyed reading it and I thought you all may too.  I’ve heard the terms OTP and ITP for YEARS…interesting that the author of the article says Dunwoody is actually neither of those but “ATP”  AT the Perimeter!  The article sheds Dunwoody in a very favorable light and it has a great photo of Polly and her kids at a flag football game at Murphey Candler Park!

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Update:  Thanks to Kathryn C. I now have the official link for as long as it’s available: