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My husband I signed up for Sherri's hybrid course which consisted of online modules and one on one long distance coaching calls by zoom/phone call. We loved it. The material was easy to follow, took just the right amount of time, and gave my husband and I a chance to just connect ourselves and talk about the bigger picture of parenting together in light of what we were learning. Sherri herself was very flexible with meeting us, and we even set up a WhatsApp group for the duration of our program so that we could get some on going support and share what was working -- or not!! And get quick help and encouragement from Sherri. In spite of being so far away, we felt a strong connection to both the course content and to Sherri herself, and the course has had a lasting effect on our family life, especially between myself and my husband. Thanks for everything, Sherri. I'm glad you were there for us all the way from ATL; it felt like you were with us in our living room. Wonderful course.

Texas mum | February 10, 2021

Sherri is a wonderful person to work with. She is warm, empathetic, flexible, and she listens. Her goal is to help individual families out with all the little and larger bumps that come in family relationships, and her support meant a lot to us. We hope to continue having her in our lives in some way. Once you find someone good, you ought to stick to them! And that's what we aim to do.

K Love | February 2, 2021

This course was beneficial in so many ways. Sherri and the other moms were a wonderful support group and provided a safe environment in which to share my parenting struggles. I learned a lot about the needs behind my children's behaviors and how to better connect with them.

Alexandra Moran | March 3, 2017

The Connection Parenting series was a great opportunity to learn more about my son's needs and how to adapt my parenting style to support both his needs and mine. It was also nice to have a small group setting to allow us to share ideas with other parents. Most importantly, Sherri has a great way of teaching new ideas that are realistic.

Lisa Heydorn - Dunwoody mom | March 2, 2017

As a grandmother now, I wish I had Sherri's parenting courses way back when my kids were little. I now am able to use her valuable tools with my grandchildren which makes their lives and my lives so much more enjoyable. In addition, my kids (the parents of my grandkids) now call me to collaborate on how to best handle difficult and delicate parenting situations. We are all three generations grateful for Sherri's wisdom and guidance!

Sandy Springs Grandma | December 9, 2016

During family dinners I would battle with my kids to sit still, don’t blow bubbles, use your napkin, etc. Sound familiar? This friction at the dinner table was just one of the many battles I would try to win throughout my daily routine as a mom. Wow, how my life has changed…. Sherri taught me how to connect with my children and she opened my eyes to the importance of addressing their needs in addition to mine. Now we have quiet, calm well-mannered dinners mixed with occasional dance-party dinners and colored bubble-blowing contests. Now that they trust that I’ll meet their needs for fun and play, they are more willing to meet my needs for order and ease when I request good manners at dinner. It’s a win-win, because I stopped to understand my children’s world rather than force them to join mine. And best of all, I get to engage with my children at dinner rather than nag them about manners. Thank you Sherri!

Happy mom to three | December 6, 2016

I took my time writing this review. I wanted to see the long-time effects of the course in my house before I write :) So, truth is, most of the time I react with my reflexes still, but now I know better what I want to do and say, and sometimes I can apply it. More & more it happens, and that is awesome! I got the words I want, the knowledge I need, and now it's up to me to practice, practice, practice.
More importantly, Sherri was more than generous with her time and knowledge and was always willing to answer the extra question, help with the unexpected issue, and basically be there for us, with all the empathy in the world.
I can't wait for the second class to gather!

Shirley Shani Ben Zvi | May 5, 2016

One of the parents at our school took Sherri\'s Connection Parenting class series and raved about how transformational it has been for her family, so I invited Sherri to come speak at our preschool. She gave a wonderful presentation to our parents on How to Survive the Pressure-Cooker Moments.
The parents came away with new insights into what causes those melt-down moments and how to work with them--or even better, how to prevent them.
I especially liked her emphasis on building a strong relationship while the children are young so that you don\'t run into too many snags in the adolescent and teen years. It\'s the same proactive approach we take with building relationships with the young children in our care at the preschool.

Jane Newman-Executive Director of Dunwoody Prep | May 1, 2015

Sherri has led a Respectful Parents Respectful Kids study group with me and a group of fellow parents of teens for the past few months. This group has taken away some of that feeling of being alone in parenting my teens. Not only do I feel less alone, but we are finding, together, more loving ways to approach those difficult issues. I am so grateful to Sherri for her loving, kind presence that makes this possible - so very helpful. This is such important work. Thank you, Sherri!

Audrey Thiault | December 16, 2014

I attended a series of Sherri's classes a few years ago and am still impressed with the message that she is sharing with parents. Sherri's classes help you to understand how you play a key part in helping your children to be happier, and that what you do AND who you are make a difference. This class is needed by most parents well; before their children reach teenage years.

James Williams | August 7, 2014

Sherri’s Connection Parenting classes changed our family life dramatically. Before meeting Sherri, we did not know how to manage my then 2-year old daughter’s emotional roller coasters. After learning how to handle tantrums from a connection parenting perspective, we are fully equipped to face almost any tantrum and in any public setting. The tantrums have decreased significantly and there is much more peace in our household. Thank you Sherri for helping us transform our household into a connecting, respectful place.

Lindsay Levin | July 21, 2014

I am a single mother with a two-year old daughter and four-year-old son. Sherri came to Dunwoody Christian Academy August 2013 to speak to a group of parents on the pressure cooker moments in parenting. So in spring 2014 when she offered Respectful Parents Respectful Kids series, I immediately signed up for it and never missed a class. I took home many valuable tools to help me handle my son's emotional breakdowns and manipulations in this transitional year, my daughter's temper tantrums, and able to stand firm to my values without resorting to an Asian authoritarian/"tiger mom" approach. I use her techniques purposefully each encounter with my children and I see significant improvements in behavior and emotional stability. Now Sherri is offering Connection Parenting in fall 2014, so I have signed up for my second series with her. I recommend this to anyone who has children!!!

Angela Lee Chan | July 16, 2014

Sherri is amazing. I recommend that every busy parent make time to take one of her classes. I can't thank her enough for all her help to my family.

Eileen - Dunwoody mom of 3 kids | July 16, 2014

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