Dunwoody Mom Giving Grace – meeting needs – one Facebook post at a time

Can one person really make a difference? If you ask the countless in our own community whose lives have been touched by Dunwoody mom Christy Carr Betz, the answer is yes. One power bill, one grocery list, one Christmas gift, one rent payment at a time.

So often, we walk right by. We see or hear of a person in need, and we want to help, feel like we should help, but we just don’t know how to help. What should we do? How will our money be spent? Will it even make a difference? What can one person really do? Well, one of Dunwoody’s very own, Christy Betz, has the answer. She finds the needs and invites the rest of us to pitch in, collectively, one at a time, however we are able – $5, $10, $100, $1000.

Read the recent AJC article featuring this Dunwoody neighbor of ours and her ministry – Giving Grace – a program of the nonprofit Remerge, now in its sixth year:

Visit the Giving Grace Facebook page and witness firsthand your neighbors responding one by one, every day, to each post Christy shares…

-Single homeless mom can’t find an open shelter. Needs emergency shelter tonight for herself and her toddlers. Who can donate?
-Dad just lost his job due to COVID layoffs. He and his 2 boys will be evicted from their apartment in the morning if rent isn’t paid. Who can pitch in?
-Family has no Christmas gifts this year. Who can buy a box of Lego’s and a baby doll?
-Mom can’t pay her power bill. Her heat will be cut off tonight, and the temperature is dropping. Who can help cover her this month?

So the answer is yes, one person can make a difference. All we have to do is fill the gap – giving grace – one neighbor at a time – one need at a time.

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