Edison Prep For Your SAT/ACT Preparation!

Upcoming SAT/ACT classes:
Is your rising junior or senior taking the SAT or ACT this summer or fall? Edison Prep has over a dozen SAT and ACT classes starting between now and mid-August! Check it out at www.edisonprep.com/startingsoon/ 

We get results.
Check out dozens of happy testimonials from just the June 2021 exam alone on our Edison Prep Facebook or Instagram pages, and on this post. 

Free mock SAT and ACT tests:
If your student needs to take a free diagnostic mock SAT and/or ACT to see which test is stronger for them, Edison Prep has them every week! The full list of mocks is at https://www.edisonprep.com/mocks/.
Info sessions on post-covid college admissions and test prep:
Parents of freshmen, sophomores, and juniors can benefit from our free strategy session on post-covid college admissions, test prep, and scholarships that we hold 6-7 times each year. The next one is on Thurs 7/22 @ 7pm. The info and ability to sign up are always at www.edisonprep.com/infosession/.

About Edison Prep: 
Edison Prep is a boutique SAT/ACT preparation company based in Sandy Springs whose founders are the two most experienced SAT/ACT tutors in Georgia, with over 60,000 hours of experience. All courses are taught exclusively by the founders, pros who still take the test each year and earn top 1% scores, including 5 perfect scores. We’re excited to have just published version 5 and version 11 of our SAT and ACT books that we revise each year to reflect ever-changing content!

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