ReSale Fall Winter Pop-Up

ReSale Fall Winter Pop-Up

Date(s): Oct 24, 2021
Time: 12:00 AM
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We hope you all had an amazing summer! It was a very busy one for me for sure! Our apologies for just now getting this email out to you, but I tend to do a lot of updates on our Social Media sites, so if you don’t follow us, please do so…Facebook or Instagram.

So, how do you become a VIP Shopper?? All you do is purchase a ticket for one of those days and you are a VIP. All ticket proceeds are donated to a charity (to be determined). Those dates at October 14 & 15. Times will be on the invite/ticket purchase link that will go out on OCTOBER 4th at 9am. So mark your calendars now, set your alarms, put your post it notes out…whatever!!! They do sell out quickly!!

We will continue to monitor the number of people inside during the October 20-24th dates. These dates are open to ALL and we will have our extra discount days the last 3 days. The only issues that we had in the Spring were dressing areas getting backed up at times. So you may be asked to try on items as you go, so that we can keep the dressing rooms moving and not have individuals in there for an hour. We are happy to hold your items you want to purchase while you continue to shop and try on. We are looking at other space options in the shopping center to use for trying on if we feel its needed.

That’s it for now! We can’t wait to see you. Keep your eyes on Social Media sites as we are posting things as we have time. We also have some new Boutiques participating this season and possibly new jewelry vendors too.


Julie Cole
Resale Events: Owner