Five Davis Academy Seventh Graders Were Selected to Shadow a Macy’s Associate Through Hands-On Professional Experience Project

Taught by Mr. David Rifkin, The Davis Academy’s seventh grade Language Arts class explored the job application and interview processes as a part of their persuasive essay unit, and in turn, gained exposure to the professional world. After writing persuasive essays answering the question: “Why Macy’s Should Hire Me?” and completing a Macy’s job application, sixteen students were selected to interview with Michael Pomerantz, a retired retail executive, based on the quality of their essay and application. The seventh graders chosen to advance to the interview stage dressed in business appropriate attire and interviewed with Mr. Pomerantz in front of their classmates to compete for the unique experience of shadowing a Macy’s Department Store employee. As each student interviewed, they were evaluated by Mr. Pomerantz, Mr. Rifkin, and their classmates until ultimately, the winners were selected. Maggie Deutsch, Brooke Ross, Jacob Rubin, Eva Serotta, and Avery Friedman (photographed L to R) will shadow a Macy’s Associate on Sunday, May 20, 2018 at Perimeter Mall, where they will further broaden their knowledge of the working world and learn more about a potential career path.

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