Front Porch Pics ~ Woo Hoo my talented friend Trisha is taking front porch family photos in Dunwoody!

Note from Audra – some of my FAVORITE photos of my children were taken by my friend Trisha before she retired from photography.   I was thrilled to see she’s back at photography during quarantine.   Check out what she’s doing and learn how you can participate.  I’m sooooo doing this with my family!   Trisha took both of these photos of my babies:

From Trisha:  My dear friend, Katherine Strickland, who is always thinking of others, called me last week and told me about this. I thought about it and decided I would do it. I had a photography business many moons ago and I would like to get my camera back out to help during this crisis.

I am copying this idea from Front Porch Project and they should get all credit for the idea. I just couldn’t figure out how to do this through them.

I would like to take a photo or two of your family from the end of your driveway (or the middle if you have a really long driveway) to commemorate your family during the COVID-19 crisis. I know there is a stay at home order, but I think this would supercede that as there is no contact and I would be using equipment that would allow me to stay at least 100 feet from your family. I looked it up and I think this is legal-if I am wrong, please PM me.

I will then email you one or two images for your copyright free use. In exchange, you donate what you are comfortable with to Christy Carr Betz’s Giving Grace Facebook page (at least $25/tax deductible). She is always helping local people in crisis and it is really needed right now. I HAVE JUST LEARNED THIS IS A PRIVATE PAGE SO I WILL HAVE YOU VENMO ADMIN DIRECTLY WHEN YOU EMAIL ME I WILL GIVE YOU HER VENMO.

If you are interested in this, please email: (don’t text me please even if you have my number) by this Friday, 4/10 and I will come up with a schedule for the week of 4/13 weather permitting. Please let me know if there is a day/time that DOESN’T WORK for you.

Below is an example of this that a friend gave me permission to use. I didn’t take these photos.

I will do Buckhead, Brookhaven and Dunwoody and I am doing this to fight this horrible virus and all the people affected, specifically my close friend Randolph Page.

Love to you all.


Trisha Addicks