Recipe of the Week: Nutella Pudding

I eat completely gluten free so I rarely find dessert items on restaurant menus that work for me.  When I found Nutella Pudding on Brookhaven’s Dixie Q menu, I knew I must seize the opportunity to order dessert!

After taking my very first bite I knew that if there ever was an occasion to exclaim loudly the three simple letters “O.M.G” it was then.  Really, OMG!  I literally have thought about this pudding at least once per day since I devoured it more than two weeks ago.   I ate it so fast, I forgot to even take a picture of it.  Please don’t tell my fitness trainer, Denise.  Thank goodness Dixie Q wasn’t there when I lived at Post Brookhaven 25 years ago…I’d have weighed 300 lbs.

I’m going to try this recipe over the weekend in hopes that it is similar.  Meanwhile, I’ll be figuring out an excuse to head back to Dixie Q in Brookhaven for dessert sometime soon.  Oh, and the BBQ is actually AMAZING as well.  And, I love their porch swing.