Note from Audra:

Deb is currently working on a photo project for me.  She currently has all of my VHS and DVD movies from pre-iPhone days.  Deb started a  company in 2021 called Your Photographic Memories.  This year she became a “certified Photo Manager”.  

What is a Photo Manager?  Well…it is a professional photo organizer. Whether it’s all the boxes of print photos in the attic or all the digital photos on all your devices. Deb can help families get all their photos organized and scanned so they are safe and you can find the photos you need when you need them!

September is Save Your Photos Month

Sponsored by The Photo Managers and now in its 9th year, Save Your Photos Month is a worldwide event to help families organize, preserve, share and celebrate their photo & video memories.

Learn More About How to Do It Yourself or Hire a Photo Manager

This year experts worldwide will be sharing their expertise in over 35 mini-classes, tutorials, and live discussions:  preserving your family history, managing photo privacy, discovering new apps to enhance your enjoyment of photo and video memories, insider tips on Apple Photos, and much more.

Sign up for free and you’ll get access to the following classes and live discussions in September. Weekly content became available on Friday, September 1.


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Schedule a consult with Deb!

If you are interested in a 2 hour consult to review your photos and come up with a plan, I offer these sessions through my website, and I will also be offering workshops on  Organizing your Photos & Preserving your Family Legacy – my website will have the most up to date workshop dates and locations. (

Deb Murphy