Sign Greeters, a popular national yard greeting sign company, successfully delivers smiles during a Pandemic

Sign Greeters, a popular national yard greeting sign company is successfully delivering smiles during a pandemic. In these uncertain times, people are looking for every reason to celebrate – a birthday, an anniversary, a baby shower, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and so on. Sign Greeters has the yard signs that have helped families across the country celebrate special occasions and bring joy to all those who see them. Sign Greeters has built a brand that helped create the era of drive-by parties, small outdoor gatherings, and Zoom parties. As such, the yard sign business has boomed. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, the Sign Greeters brand now has 38 owners across 11 states, in less than four months, and it’s picking up speed.

“One unique aspect to this business is having female business owners launch a new venture during a global pandemic and economic recession,” says Sign Greeters CEO Stacie Francombe. “We saw a demand for this type of service and wanted to offer a unique way to celebrate, especially at a time when people are feeling anxious or uneasy. These yard signs are the quintessential thing that really bring smiles to everyone’s faces for all occasions and celebrations.”

Sign Greeters was founded by college friends Stacie Francombe from Atlanta, GA and Ivonne Simon from Coral Springs, FL, to create a brand that brings smiles right to your yard for your special celebrations. In 1992, Stacie Francombe and Ivonne Simon became sorority sisters at The Ohio State University. Twenty-eight years later during a global pandemic, two successful businesswomen saw the demand and vision of the Sign Greeting business. With Stacie’s 20 plus years of marketing, and Ivonne’s top recruiting skills, they had the perfect team.

“In Sign Greeters, Stacie and I saw an incredible vision during a scary time of uncertainty and unhappiness,” says co-founder and President of Sign Greeters, Ivonne Simon. “With our unique, colorful and unusual signs and graphics, these yard greeting signs bring smiles, incredible happiness, and a fantastic way to celebrate each and every occasion! We are thrilled to have created a company that is all about bringing excellent customer service to its customers, incredible marketing and tools to its licensees and a place that is constantly growing and evolving every day.”

The Georgia-based company provides sign inventory, marketing materials, and social media support for licensees across the country to create custom yard greeting displays to celebrate special occasions. A greeting is typically rented for 24 hours, but Sign Greeters can accommodate shorter or longer rentals as well. They will personalize your greeting based on your color scheme and theme, and include graphics that fit each person’s hobbies or interests.

Sign Greeters doesn’t just make your average yard sign. They add zest to Zoom parties and small events and can be experienced from the street. The company specializes in surprises, working with customers’ event itineraries to make sure the display packs just the right punch at the opportune moment.

Sign Greeters licensees who join the company see the incredible resources and value Sign Greeters offers. With their robust website, excellent training, a great inventory kit, marketing materials, and so much more, Sign Greeters has attracted many to sign up and join. Already, the company has licensees across the country, searchable by zip code, ready to set up elaborate yard displays every day of the week.

Customers are saying:
Carly Spandorfer’s mom surprised her with Sign Greeters for her 18th birthday. “I absolutely loved the signs for my birthday! The personal customizations made me feel so special and truly represented my personality,” said Carly. “They were so fun to look at on my lawn and all my friends loved it!”

James Jones worked with Sign Greeters to spice up his real estate sales. “I was looking for a unique way to welcome home buyers to their new home. My clients LOVED the signs and we got happy tears from the wife. I’ll definitely be using them again.”

Dawn Tibbles of Buford, GA was thrilled to become a Sign Greeters owner. “With decades of event planning experience for special occasions, becoming a licensee with Sign Greeters is the perfect complement to my love of making celebrations unique. It’s amazing how something as simple as placing a sign in someone’s yard adds to their special day,” says Tibbles. “The amount of support that is provided throughout the entire process is more than I could have imagined. If you are looking for a company culture that is creative, collaborative and full of inspiration; this is the perfect opportunity for you.”

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