Talking Trash

An excerpt from Nancy Jester’s weekly newsletter:

Talking Trash

This past week my office received numerous calls and emails from constituents informing me that  trash/recycling/yard waste was missed on many streets and in many neighborhoods. I want all District 1 residents to know I am aware of the broad collection issues that are effecting significant parts of our area. Many residents have also expressed concerned with long hold times when attempting to call DeKalb Sanitation.  

According to the sanitation department, staffing and equipment issues have resulted in delayed collections in some areas. Missed collections, along with long hold times, has left many callers understandably frustrated. The department is well aware of these concerns and is working towards addressing the issues.

If your trash, recycling, or yard debris is not picked up on its normal collection day and you cannot get through to the sanitation department’s customer service line at 404-294-2900, please send me an email at Also copy Pauline Andrea (with DeKalb Sanitation). Her email is

Keep in mind that if you are requesting a special collection or bulky pickup, you can skip the phone lines and make your request directly online. For more information on bulky item and special collections, review the residential collection procedures brochure.

Bulky Item Collection Request Online

In the meantime, I have asked the County COO and the Director of Sanitation to explain to me the problems they are having at the North Collections lot that are causing these delays and missed collections. Here is the email I sent this week seeking more information and clarity on when this problem will be fixed:

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and remains safe. Our office remains open although we are working remotely. If we can be of any assistance, email is the best way to reach us. If you wish to call our office at 404-371-2844 please leave a complete message including your name and phone number to receive a call back.